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A Great Place to Work.See a list of current job opportunities or apply now. As one of the largest providers of education in the world, the Maricopa Community Colleges are always in need of qualified, enthusiastic, professional employees. The Maricopa Community Colleges employ approximately 1,350 full-time faculty and 3,000 staff that include management and technology professionals, support personnel, crafts, maintenance, safety and athletic staff.

Teach Part-Time!Apply to the faculty pool. Share your knowledge by teaching at one of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges. Join the team of over 4,800 part-time, diverse-faculty who teach approximately 260,000 students who attend the colleges each year. Part-time / adjunct positions are available in a variety of fields.

View Current Openings When we say the Maricopa Community Colleges are "the college of you," we don't just mean our students. Employees enjoy a generous benefits package that includes paid vacation, sick and personal leave, a full menu of insurance coverage, membership in the Arizona State Retirement System, and a holiday schedule that mirrors the Federal holiday schedule. The workplace experience also includes competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and organized professional employee groups that advocate for its members.

Our district is one of the largest in the nation serving more than 200,000 students annually. It is also the source of innovative, award-winning programs that have been replicated at other community colleges across the nation. Driven by faculty and staff bestowed with national and international honors for teaching and program excellence, we serve Maricopa County and Metro Phoenix - one of the five largest population centers in the United States - with 10 colleges and numerous other education centers throughout our service area.

But that's only part of the story.

When you join the Maricopa Community Colleges, you become part of one of the largest economic and social engines that exist in Arizona. Not only do the nearly 8,000 Maricopa employees contribute substantially to the local economy, but the colleges themselves are key drivers of goods and services in the local marketplace. In addition, our degree, certification and university transfer programs and partnerships and collaborations with government, industry and education, have touched countless lives throughout the college district's history. Through workforce development initiatives alone, Maricopa is now the largest single provider of job training in the county.