Consumer Information

You can find links on the consumer information page of each Maricopa College to information regarding that College's academic offerings. There, you can access information about the College's academic program, including current degree and certificate programs, physical plant facilities, faculty and other instructional personnel, and any plans the school has for improving its academic program.

Each Maricopa College is individually accredited by Commission on Institutions of Higher Education for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, many of the programs offered at each College are separately accredited, licensed or approved by other accrediting agencies. You can find additional information about accreditation, approval or licensure of the College and its programs at the College's consumer information page:

Each of the Maricopa Community Colleges provides a lot of statistical information on its college website. On every College’s Consumer Information page, you can find data about that College’s

  • Completion or graduation rates of certificate- or degree-seeking full-time students
  • Student body diversity, including the percentages of full-time students who are male, female, Pell Grant recipients, and members of a major racial or ethnic group; and
  • Retention rates of certificate- or degree-seeking, first-time, full-time students.

Here is where you can find the Consumer Information pages for each of the Maricopa Community Colleges:

Financial Assistance Programs

Information about a College’s financial assistance programs for students. How financial assistance is distributed. Requirements and how to complete an application for financial assistance.

At the Colleges
At the Foundation

Rights & Responsibilities

The rights and responsibilities of students receiving federal financial assistance. Terms and conditions of federal student loans. Standards a student receiving financial assistance must maintain. Requirements for the return of grant or loan assistance. Requirements for withdrawing from the college. College’s refund policy.

College Costs

The cost of attending a College: tuition, fees, books, additional programs, etc.

Study Abroad

If you plan to enroll in a study abroad program, please know that enrollment in such a program that a College approves for credit may be considered enrollment at the College for purposes of applying for federal financial assistance.

Student Affairs Representatives

A list of the various student affairs professionals at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges who can see that your questions about the Colleges are answered:

Disability Resources

Here you can find information about the special facilities and services available at each of the Colleges to students with disabilities:

Security Reports

Each College annually prepares a security report detailing crime statistics and other valuable information about your safety at the College. Here is where you can find each College's annual security report:


Violation of federal copyright law by both students and employees is prohibited within the Maricopa Community College District. Here you can find Maricopa's policies regarding copyright infringement, as well as other information you should know about federal copyright laws: