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Vision, Mission and Values

The Vision, Mission and Values provide an outline of the overall purpose of the Maricopa County Community College District and its role in the community. In addition, Guiding Principles serve to reinforce the Values, Outcomes statements focus the results sought, and the Strategic Directions are mechanisms to realize our Mission.


A Community of Colleges…Colleges for the Community
…working collectively and responsibly to meet the life-long learning needs of our diverse students and communities.


The Maricopa Community Colleges provide access to higher education for
diverse students and communities. We focus on learning through:

* University Transfer Education * Continuing Education
* General Education  * Community Education
* Developmental Education * Civic Responsibility
* Workforce Development * Global Engagement
* Student Development Services  


The Maricopa Community Colleges are committed to:

Community. We value all people – our students, our employees, their families, and the communities in which they live and work.  We value our global community of which we are an integral part.

. We value excellence and encourage our internal and external communities to strive for their academic, professional and personal best.

Honesty and integrity
. We value academic and personal honesty and integrity and believe these elements are essential in our learning environment.  We strive to treat each other with respect, civility and fairness.

. We value inclusiveness and respect for one another.  We believe that team work is critical, that each team member is important and we depend on each other to accomplish our mission.

. We value and embrace an innovative and risk-taking approach so that we remain at the forefront of global educational excellence.

. We value lifelong learning opportunities that respond to the needs of our communities and are accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality.  We encourage dialogue and the freedom to have an open exchange of ideas for the common good.

. We value responsibility and believe that we are each accountable for our personal and professional actions. We are responsible for making our learning experiences significant and meaningful.

. We value stewardship and honor the trust placed in us by the community.  We are accountable to our communities for the efficient and effective use of resources as we prepare our students for their role as productive world citizens.

Guiding Principles

The Governing Board adopted guiding principles in 2002 to serve to reinforce Maricopa’s Values by applying standards and freedom.

Governing Board Goals and Outcomes

The Board has identified benefits that will occur for the Board's constituents. These are prioritized and reflected in the budget. The indicators for these critical mission areas include:

University Transfer Education and General Education

Students who transfer to a baccalaureate degree granting institution will be prepared to successfully attain their educational goals.
2. Students will demonstrate post-secondary competencies in communication (writing, speaking, listening), reading, the humanities, science, critical thinking, problem solving, computer and information literacy, and mathematics.
3. Students will experience a seamless transfer to baccalaureate degree granting institutions.
4. Students will successfully complete certificate and associate degree programs.

Developmental Education

Students will demonstrate competencies in courses below 100 levels (reading, mathematics, English) that prepare them for success in college level courses.

Workforce Development

Students will complete occupational programs or courses with skills sought by themselves or employers.
2. Maricopa Community Colleges will collaborate with private, public, and community partners to identify and respond to recruitment, training, and educational needs.
3. Maricopa Community Colleges will work with community partners to develop programs and services to recruit and prepare students to become preK-12 teachers to serve our communities.

Student Development

1. Students will be provided programs and services that further increase retention and support their learning, educational, and employment/career goals.
2. Students will be provided programs and services that support their personal growth and citizenship development.

Continuing/Community Education

1. Community members will be provided opportunities for personal interest and development to include:

a. Accessibility to college facilities and services as appropriate (libraries; recreational/athletic facilities; arts programs; internet/technological delivery; courses of an avocational nature to include leisure, wellness and specialized training).
b. Forums, dialogs for balanced views of contemporary, civic, and public issues.

2. Maricopa Community Colleges will have collaborative partnerships and programs with elementary schools and high schools and other higher education institutions to increase the number of students that matriculate to the college level.

Strategic Directions

The Governing Board adopted the following directions to be used in the district wide strategic planning process as mechanisms to advance our mission, vision and goals:

1. MCCCD will maximize stakeholder access to the Maricopa Colleges' facilities, programs, and services.
2. MCCCD will promote and support opportunities for students by enhancing learning environments and delivery options, student retention and success strategies and quality teaching and learning.
3. MCCCD will enhance internal collaboration and increase external partnerships.
4. MCCCD will identify and pursue new and existing revenue sources while promoting cost effectiveness.
5. MCCCD will recruit, develop and retain a quality diverse workforce.
6. MCCCD will maintain a strong identity that reflects its role in and value to the community.

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