Purpose for Articulation Agreements:

An articulation agreement:
  • Establishes in writing a commitment that strongly supports the concept of seamless transfer.
  • Embraces the principle that transfer students should not be required to repeat competencies already achieved.
  • Provides data and measures of success for Maricopa transfer students.
  • Supports block transfer by preserving the coursework within the block.
  • Supports the transfer of the Associate Degree and its components, e.g., general education core (AGEC).
  • Establishes a framework for AAS graduates to maximize their credit transfer credit.

Student Benefits:

  • Students carry with them the credit they have already earned for as much relevant study as possible.
  • Students will not be required to repeat competencies already achieved.
  • Students will be admitted as upper-division students at the institution.
  • Students can maximize earned credits through flexible degree plans.
  • Maricopa graduates may be eligible for scholarships and/or waiver of application fees.
  • Students will experience a smooth transition from one educational level to the next.