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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Multimedia and Business Technology
Major: 3147
First Term: 2009 Spring    Final Term: Current
Award: AAS
Total Credits: 62
CIPS Code: 11.0801
Initiating College: Mesa Community College
Program Availability: College-Specific
Occupational Area: Information Technology
Instructional Council: Computer Information System (12)
GPA: 2.00

Detailed Program Information

Description: The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Multimedia and Business Technology is a discipline that integrates business applications with multiple digital media types including text, graphics, animation, audio and video and then delivers this interactive material electronically. The Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia and Business Technology will help prepare students for technical career opportunities with corporations, organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, entertainment, and advertising industries that require interactive content to support, enhance and/or market their product or service.
The curriculum brings together business concepts and multimedia technology to prepare students for careers such as a Multimedia Producer, Multimedia Scriptwriter, Multimedia Developer, Multimedia Designer, Computer-Based Training or Instructional Designer, Digital Graphic Designer, Webpage Developer, Interface Designer, Video/Audio Specialist, Video Editor or Animator.

Program Notes:
Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses within the program
+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.

Program Prerequisites
 Credits: 3
 CRE101College Critical Reading (3) OR 
  Equivalent as indicated by assessment3
Required Courses
 Credits: 40
 ART142Introduction to Digital Photography3
 BPC/CIS120DBComputer Graphics: Adobe Illustrator (3) OR 
 BPC/CIS120DFComputer Graphics: Adobe Photoshop (3) OR 
 BPC/CIS120DGFireworks: Web Graphics (3)3
 BPC/CIS120DCFlash: Digital Animation3
 BPC/CIS120DKIntroduction to Digital Video Editing3
 CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems3
+CIS/MMT140Survey of Multimedia Technology2
+MTC/TCM120Introduction to Sound Design for Film and Video3
+MMT216Multimedia Project Management (3) OR 
 CIS224Project Management Microsoft Project for Windows (3)3
+CIS233DCInternet Web Development: Dreamweaver3
+CIS291Business Video Projects3
+CIS220DKAdvanced Digital Video Production: Premiere3
 CIS106AACaptivate: Video Presentations (1) OR 
 CIS106ABCamtasia: Video Presentations (1)1
 CIS120DLDigital Video Compositing: After Effects3
 MMT292Multimedia Update1
 CIS220DCFlash: Advanced Animation and ActionScript3
General Education Requirements
General Education RequirementCredits: 22-24
General Education CoreCredits: 12-14
First-Year CompositionCredits: 6
 Any approved general education course in the First-Year Composition Area.6
Oral CommunicationCredits: 3
 Any approved general education course in the Oral Communication Area3
Critical ReadingCredits: 0
 Met by CRE101 or equivalent as indicated by assessment in Program Prerequisite area.0
MathematicsCredits: 3-5
 MAT120Intermediate Algebra (5) OR 
 MAT121Intermediate Algebra (4) OR 
 MAT122Intermediate Algebra (3) OR 
  Satisfactory completion of a higher level mathematics course.3-5
General Education DistributionCredits: 10
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits: 3
 Any approved general education course in the Humanities and Fine Arts Area.3
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits: 3
 SBU200Society and Business3
Natural SciencesCredits: 4
 Any approved general education course from the Natural Sciences Area4

Program Competencies
1.Perform procedures of image manipulation through changes of resolution, mode selection, and image adjustment. (ART142)
2.Demonstrate CIS/Computer concepts and programming techniques. (CIS105)
3.Create digital video movies using basic video import, export, and editing functions. (BPC/CIS120DK)
4.Utilize Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents to embed Flash movies for delivery to the World Wide Web. (BPC/CIS120DC)
5.Perform the basic applications for graphic design and image correction using Adobe Photoshop. (BPC/CIS120DF, BPC/CIS120DG, BPC/CIS120DB)
6.Develop additions to different multimedia applications and evaluate them from an end-users perspective for their effectiveness and style. (CIS/MMT140)
7.Demonstrate analog and digital recording techniques in the field as well as in a controlled environment (MTC/TCM120)
8.Create an electronic portfolio of work. (CIS108)
9.Write a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an interactive video/multimedia project. (MMT216, CIS224)
10.Design and develop comprehensive and interactive websites using Dreamweaver. (CIS233DC)