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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Automotive Performance Technology
Major: 3482
First Term: 2005 Spring    Final Term: Current
Award: AAS
Total Credits: 69
CIPS Code: 47.0604
Initiating College: Mesa Community College
Program Availability: College-Specific
Occupational Area: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Instructional Council: Automotive/Diesel-Heavy Equipment Technology (18)
GPA: 2.00

Detailed Program Information

Description: The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Automotive Performance Technology prepares students to work as automotive mechanics and technicians who diagnose, service, test, and repair complex, computer-controlled automotive electrical systems. The program emphasizes knowledge and skills in reading, math, problem solving, and writing that are necessary to perform automotive diagnosis and service.

Program Notes:
+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for each course listed in the "Required Courses" area.

Required Courses
 Credits: 45
 APT101Automotive Service Operations2
 APT131Automotive Power Trains6
 APT141Alignment, Steering, and Suspension6
 APT151Automotive Brake Systems4
 APT161Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems I4
 APT171Automotive Air conditioning4
 APT181Engine Performance and Diagnosis I6
+APT262Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems II4
+APT282Engine Performance and Diagnosis II6
 GTC107Technical Mathematics I3
Restricted Electives
 Credits: 3
+AUT270++Automotive Technology Internship (any module)1-3
+AUT282++Volunteerism for Automotive: A Service Learning Experience (any module)1-3
+AUT296++Cooperative Education (any module)1-4
+AUT298++Special Projects (any modul3)1-3
General Education Requirements
General Education RequirementCredits: 21-22
General Education CoreCredits: 12
First-Year CompositionCredits: 6
 ENG101First-Year Composition (3) OR 
 ENG107First-Year Composition for ESL (3) AND 
 ENG102First-Year Composition (3) OR 
 ENG108First-Year Composition for ESL (3) OR 
 ENG111Technical Writing (3)6
Oral CommunicationCredits: 3
 COM100Introduction to Human Communication (3) OR 
 COM110Interpersonal Communication (3) OR 
 COM225Public Speaking (3) OR 
 COM230Small Group Communication (3)3
Critical ReadingCredits: 3
 CRE101College Critical Reading (3)at "C" level or above OR equivalent as indicated by assessment3
MathematicsCredits: 0
 Met by GTC107 in Required Courses area0
General Education DistributionCredits: 9-10
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits: 2-3
 Any approved general education course in the Humanities and Fine Arts area.2-3
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits: 3
 Any approved general education course in the Social and Behavioral Sciences area3
Natural SciencesCredits: 4
 Any approved general education course in the Natural Sciences area.4

Program Competencies
1.Explain the functions and practices of an automotive business so as to be an effective employee. (APT101)
2.Practice automotive service techniques that are environmentally sound. (APT101, APT131, APT141, APT151, APT161, APT171, APT181, APT262, APT282, GTC107, AUT270++, AUT282++, AUT296++, AUT298++)
3.Work and dress in a professionally safe manner. (APT101, APT131, APT141, APT151, APT161, APT171, APT181, APT262, APT282, GTC107, AUT270++, AUT282++, AUT296++, AUT298++)
4.Diagnose, test, service, and repair fuel systems. (APT181, APT282)
5.Diagnose, test, service, and repair emission systems. (APT181, APT282)
6.Diagnose, test, service, and repair steering and suspension systems. (APT141)
7.Diagnose, test, service, and repair brake systems. (APT151)
8.Diagnose, test, service, and repair power trains. (APT131)
9.Diagnose, test, service, and repair electrical and electronic systems and devices. (APT161, APT262)
10.Diagnose, test, service, and repair air conditioning systems. (APT171)
11.Diagnose, test, service, and repair ignition systems. (APT181, APT282)
12.Diagnose, test, service, and repair engine mechanical malfunctions. (APT181, APT282)