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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Digital Arts: Graphic Design
Major: 5633
First Term: 2009 Fall    Final Term: Current
Award: CCL
Total Credits: 22
CIPS Code: 50.0409
Initiating College: Mesa Community College
Program Availability: College-Specific
Occupational Area: Information Technology
Instructional Council: Art (17)
GPA: 2.00

Detailed Program Information

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Digital Arts: Graphic Design prepares student to work in a specialized field of graphic design as production artists, graphic designers, art directors, pre-press specialists and service bureau personnel. The program emphasizes design and production principles and develops the student's knowledge and skills required to solve graphic design and layout problems encountered in various print media. The program is designed for both those seeking to enter a career in graphic art and those already working in the field who wish to advance and update their knowledge and skills.

Consumer Program Costs and Career Information

Program Notes:
Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program.
+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.

Required Courses
 Credits: 22
 ART100Introduction to Computer Graphic Art1
 ADA/ART112Two-Dimensional Design3
 ART142Introduction to Digital Photography3
+ADA/ART169Two-Dimensional Computer Design3
+ADA/ART177Computer-Photographic Imaging3
+ADA/ART183Computer Aided Graphic Arts I3
+ART/MMT190Art of Web Site Design3
+ADA/ART283Computer Aided Graphic Arts II3

Program Competencies
1.Use various software applications to create finished artwork, which illustrates understanding of layout, design, typography, and color use in graphics. (ART100, ART177, ART183)
2.Use basic operational systems, digital image manipulation, and computer operations to produce art electronically. (ART100, ART177, ART183)
3.Use a page layout software package to create camera-ready material. (ART183)
4.Operate computer hardware and use appropriate software. (ART169)
5.Use design elements and principles to produce various design projects. (ART112)
6.Create and produce Web pages by applying appropriate design, color, and graphics. (ART/MMT190)
7.Describe screen percentages, line art, halftone art, and four-color separation processes as related to the computer. (ART283)
8.Produce photographs that demonstrate principles of composition and design. (ART142)