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Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
Textile and Apparel: Fashion Stylist
Major: 5768
First Term: 2012 Summer II    Final Term: Current
Award: CCL
Total Credits: 15
CIPS Code: 52.1802
Initiating College: Mesa Community College
Program Availability: College Specific
Occupational Area: Art, A/V Technology, and Communication
Instructional Council: Family and Consumer Sciences (34)
GPA: 2.00

Detailed Program Information

Description: The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Textile and Apparel: Fashion Stylist program is designed for students with an interest in visual display and merchandise styling for wholesale or retail trades. It provides students with skills defining target market, historical and current fashions, visual display techniques, color theory, and fashion styling practices. Completers of the certificate will enter the fashion industry at entry-level positions but with an understanding of the styling profession.

Program Notes:
Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses within the program.
+ indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
++ indicates any modules/suffixed courses.

Required Courses
 Credits: 15
 TEC106History of Fashion3
 MKT/TEC109Introduction to Fashion Merchandising3
 MKT/TEC151Display and Visual Merchandising3
 TEC245Wardrobe Strategies3
 INT150Color and Design3

Program Competencies
1. Identify items of apparel, fabrics, colors, hair styles, headdresses, and accessories unique to each period of historic costume. (TEC106)
2.Interpret the effect of price and personal income on the purchasing behavior of consumers and apply the various theories of fashion adoption as it relates to this behavior. (TEC109, TEC245)
3.Identify and assess the economic, political, and historical factors influence the changing pattern of fashion. (TEC109, TEC245)
4.Use sales presentation skills as they relate to the fashion industry. (TEC109, TEC151)
5.Coordinate all promotion including displays, advertising, fashion shows, and personal selling efforts. (TEC151)
6.Coordinate current fashion trends in different mediums for presentation on video, print, runway, or customer/client. (TEC245)
7.Identify color theory and its usage in fashion and other mediums for presentation. (INT150)

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