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Program Title Award Plan
Colleges Total
AccountingAssociate in Applied Science3149CG, EM, GW, PC, RS, SM60-65
AccountingCertificate of Completion5665CG, EM, GC, GW, PC, RS, SM23-26
Administration of Justice StudiesAssociate in Applied Science3012CG, GW62
Aircraft Maintenance TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3670CG89-92
Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Part 147)Certificate of Completion5670CG65
Airframe Maintenance (Part 147)Certificate of Completion5668CG32
Airway Science Technology, Flight EmphasisAssociate in Applied Science3707CG61-67.5
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane RatingCertificate of Completion5825CG4
Child and Family Professional DevelopmentAcademic Certificate6238CG, MC, RS, SC16
Computer Applications: Office Specialist/Core LevelCertificate of Completion5644CG12.5
Computer Applications: Office Specialist/Expert LevelCertificate of Completion5024CG25
Computer Business ApplicationsAssociate in Applied Science3548CG63-66
Computer Hardware and Desktop SupportCertificate of Completion5026CG, EM20-25
Correctional StudiesCertificate of Completion5776CG18
Creative WritingAcademic Certificate6224CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV, RS, SC, SM24
Dietetic TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3840CG, PV63-72
Driver OperatorCertificate of Completion5418CG, GC, EM, MC, PC, PV8
Early Learning and DevelopmentAssociate in Applied Science3124CG, MC, RS, SC63-68
Electric Utility Design TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3117CG64
Electric Utility TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3855CG64
Electric Utility TechnologyCertificate of Completion5055CG30
Emergency Medical TechnologyCertificate of Completion5643CG, GC, MC, PC, PV9-16
Emergency Response and OperationsAssociate in Applied Science3112CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV60-83.5
Engineering TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3228CG, EM, GC63-76
Exercise Science and Personal TrainingAssociate in Applied Science3059CG, GC, MC, PV, SC, SM64-72
Fire InvestigationCertificate of Completion5744CG, EM, MC, PC, PV12
Fire Officer LeadershipCertificate of Completion5420CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV15
Fire ScienceCertificate of Completion5486CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV24
Firefighter OperationsCertificate of Completion5557CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV17-27
Flight TechnologyCertificate of Completion5707CG29.5
Forensic ScienceCertificate of Completion5326CG18
Program Title Award Plan
Colleges Total
General BusinessAssociate in Applied Science3148CG, GC, GW, MC, PC, RS, SC, SM61-63
General BusinessCertificate of Completion5683CG, GC, GW, MC, PC, RS, SM21
Homeland SecurityCertificate of Completion5322CG, GW18
Information TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3023CG60
Justice StudiesCertificate of Completion5327CG18
Law Enforcement Training AcademyCertificate of Completion5485CG, GC30
Linux ProfessionalCertificate of Completion5204CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, SC, SM12
Media Arts: Computer Art/IllustrationCertificate of Completion5881CG, PC16
Media Arts: Digital ImagingCertificate of Completion5879CG, PC16
Meter TechnologyCertificate of Completion5636CG28
Music BusinessAssociate in Applied Science3017CG, GC, MC, PC, PV, SC, SM60-63
Music BusinessCertificate of Completion5258CG, GC, MC, PC, PV, SC, SM26
Network Administration: Microsoft Windows ServerCertificate of Completion5124CG, GW, MC18
Networking Administration: CiscoCertificate of Completion5969CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, SM14-18
Networking Technology: CiscoAssociate in Applied Science3816CG, EM, GC, GW60-64
Networking Technology: CiscoCertificate of Completion5967CG, EM, GC, GW20-24
Nurse AssistingCertificate of Completion5963CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PV, SC6
NursingAssociate in Applied Science3812CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, SC61-74
Oracle Database OperationsCertificate of Completion5183CG12
Organizational LeadershipCertificate of Completion5731CG, EM, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS18
Organizational ManagementAssociate in Applied Science3727CG, EM, GW, MC, PC, RS60
Personal Training SpecialistCertificate of Completion5445CG, GC, MC, PV, SC, SM30-37
Powerplant Maintenance (Part 147)Certificate of Completion5669CG33
Practical NursingCertificate of Completion5957CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, SC31-41
Programming and System AnalysisCertificate of Completion5048CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV, SC24
Retail ManagementAssociate in Applied Science3048CG, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS, SC, SM64
Retail ManagementCertificate of Completion5286CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS, SM33
Small Business Start-UpCertificate of Completion5706CG, GC, MC, PC, PV, RS, SM12
Sustainability and Ecological LiteracyAcademic Certificate6232CG, EM, GC, MC, RS16
Therapeutic MassageAssociate in Applied Science3144CG, PC61-68
Therapeutic MassageCertificate of Completion5144CG, PC39-43