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Program Title Award Plan
Colleges Total
AccountingAssociate in Applied Science3149CG, EM, GW, PC, RS, SM60-65
AccountingCertificate of Completion5665CG, EM, GC, GW, PC, RS, SM23-26
Administration of JusticeAssociate in Applied Science3400PC60
Administration of Justice - ComprehensiveCertificate of Completion5008PC16
Administration of Justice - FundamentalsCertificate of Completion5007PC16
Administrative ProfessionalAssociate in Applied Science3680PC60-63
Administrative ProfessionalCertificate of Completion5677MC, PC18
Adolescent StudiesCertificate of Completion5357PC12
Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic)Associate in Applied Science3065PC, PV60.5
American Indian StudiesAcademic Certificate6208PC12
Apparel ConstructionCertificate of Completion5953PC23
Architectural CAD TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3500PC69-71
Architectural CAD TechnologyCertificate of Completion5500PC50-52
Audio Production TechnologiesAssociate in Applied Science3024GC, MC, PC, PV, SC62
Audio Production TechnologiesCertificate of Completion5334GC, MC, PC, PV, SC37-41
Baking and PastryCertificate of Completion5649EM, PC21
Banking and FinanceAssociate in Applied Science3091PC65-66
Banking and FinanceCertificate of Completion5627EM, PC33-36
CAD-BIM TechnologyCertificate of Completion5650PC27
Chicana and Chicano StudiesAcademic Certificate6230EM, PC12-13
Civil Engineering TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3308PC61-64
Civil Engineering TechnologyCertificate of Completion5297PC42
Comic and Sequential ArtAssociate in Applied Science3129PC62-65
Comic and Sequential ArtCertificate of Completion5687PC37
Commercial Food PreparationCertificate of Completion5732PC13-14
Community DevelopmentAcademic Certificate6249PC12
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT): Level ICertificate of Completion5448PC1.5
Computer ApplicationsCertificate of Completion5217PC18
Computer Graphic DesignAssociate in Applied Science3684PC60-63
Computer Graphic DesignCertificate of Completion5684PC38
Computer Information SystemsAssociate in Applied Science3152GC, GW, PC, PV61-64
Program Title Award Plan
Colleges Total
Computer Information SystemsCertificate of Completion5671GC, GW, PC, PV21
Construction ManagementAssociate in Applied Science3123PC66-68
Construction ManagementCertificate of Completion5115PC47-49
CostumingCertificate of Completion5623PC33
Creative WritingAcademic Certificate6224CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV, RS, SC, SM24
Crime and Accident Scene PhotographyCertificate of Completion5012PC, SC10
Crime Scene InvestigationCertificate of Completion5490PC, SC16-18
Crime Scene TechnologyCertificate of Completion5753PC, SC16-18
Culinary StudiesAssociate in Applied Science3063PC60
Culinary StudiesCertificate of Completion5516PC38
Curriculum for Young ChildrenCertificate of Completion5558PC6
Deaf StudiesCertificate of Completion5333PC39-45
Dental AssistingAssociate in Applied Science3055PC60
Dental AssistingCertificate of Completion5483PC34.5 - 42
Dental HygieneAssociate in Applied Science3831MC, PC, RS95-106.5
Digital PhotographyAssociate in Applied Science3080PC63-66
Digital PhotographyCertificate of Completion5198PC24
Driver OperatorCertificate of Completion5418CG, GC, EM, MC, PC, PV8
Early Childhood Classroom ManagementCertificate of Completion5019PC9
Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age FiveAssociate in Applied Science3356PC61-64
Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age FiveCertificate of Completion5356PC33
Electronic MusicAcademic Certificate6231GC, MC, PC, SC40
Emergency Communications and DeploymentCertificate of Completion5775PC2
Emergency Medical TechnologyCertificate of Completion5643CG, GC, MC, PC, PV9-16
Emergency Response and OperationsAssociate in Applied Science3112CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV60-83.5
Environmental and Natural Resource ConservationCertificate of Completion5824PC12
Environmental and Natural Resource StewardshipAcademic Certificate6227PC18-24
Evidence TechnologyCertificate of Completion5877PC19
Family DevelopmentAssociate in Applied Science3770PC64
Family DevelopmentCertificate of Completion5787PC33
Family SupportCertificate of Completion5022PC9
Fashion DesignAssociate in Applied Science3355PC66
Program Title Award Plan
Colleges Total
Fashion Design, Level ICertificate of Completion5355PC24
Fashion Design, Level IICertificate of Completion5939PC15
Fashion IllustrationCertificate of Completion5941PC22
Fashion MerchandisingAssociate in Applied Science3266PC61-64
Fashion MerchandisingCertificate of Completion5266PC21
Fingerprint Classification and IdentificationCertificate of Completion5010PC, SC10
Fire InvestigationCertificate of Completion5744CG, EM, MC, PC, PV12
Fire Officer LeadershipCertificate of Completion5420CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV15
Fire ScienceCertificate of Completion5486CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV24
Firefighter OperationsCertificate of Completion5557CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV17-27
Food Service AdministrationAssociate in Applied Science3368PC60
Food Service AdministrationCertificate of Completion5368PC22
Forensic TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3404PC60
General BusinessAssociate in Applied Science3148CG, GC, GW, MC, PC, RS, SC, SM61-63
General BusinessCertificate of Completion5683CG, GC, GW, MC, PC, RS, SM21
Hazardous Materials ResponseCertificate of Completion5682PC36
Health Information TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3324PC67.5-71
Health Information: Long Term Care SettingsCertificate of Completion5324PC19
Histologic TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3021PC61
Histologic TechnologyCertificate of Completion5195PC24
Human Resources ManagementCertificate of Completion5580PC24
Interior DesignAssociate in Applied Science3125PC65-68
Interior MerchandisingCertificate of Completion5429EM, MC, PC30
Intermediate Emergency Medical TechnologyCertificate of Completion5271PC25
International StudiesAcademic Certificate6213PC12-13
Interpreter PreparationAssociate in Applied Science3332PC90-98
Interpreter PreparationCertificate of Completion5332PC32-34
Laboratory AssistingCertificate of Completion5134PC5
Linux ProfessionalCertificate of Completion5204CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, SC, SM12
ManagementAssociate in Applied Science3070PC, PV, SM61-64
ManagementCertificate of Completion5729PC, PV, SC, SM18
MarketingAssociate in Applied Science3094PC, PV, SM60-63
Program Title Award Plan
Colleges Total
MarketingCertificate of Completion5094PC, PV, SC, SM18
Media Arts: Computer Art/IllustrationAssociate in Applied Science3822PC60-63
Media Arts: Computer Art/IllustrationCertificate of Completion5881CG, PC16
Media Arts: Digital AnimationAssociate in Applied Science3046PC66
Media Arts: Digital AnimationCertificate of Completion5408PC32
Media Arts: Digital ImagingAssociate in Applied Science3784PC60-65
Media Arts: Digital ImagingCertificate of Completion5879CG, PC16
Media Arts: Web DesignAssociate in Applied Science3824PC61
Media Arts: Web DesignCertificate of Completion5885PC16
Medical AssistingAssociate in Applied Science3291PC60
Medical AssistingCertificate of Completion5291PC32
Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-BasedCertificate of Completion5014PC25.5-34
Medical Coding: Hospital-BasedCertificate of Completion5092PC32-42.5
Medical Front OfficeCertificate of Completion5295PC11-14
Medical Laboratory ScienceAssociate in Applied Science3028PC66-73
Medical Laboratory ScienceCertificate of Completion5493PC36
MusicAcademic Certificate6205PC44.5-45.5
Music BusinessAssociate in Applied Science3017CG, GC, MC, PC, PV, SC, SM60-63
Music BusinessCertificate of Completion5258CG, GC, MC, PC, PV, SC, SM26
NursingAssociate in Applied Science3812CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, SC61-74
Organizational LeadershipCertificate of Completion5731CG, EM, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS18
Organizational ManagementAssociate in Applied Science3727CG, EM, GW, MC, PC, RS60
Paralegal StudiesAssociate in Applied Science3384PC61-64
Paralegal StudiesCertificate of Completion5384PC33
ParamedicineCertificate of Completion5513GC, MC, PC, PV47.5-62.5
Pattern Design, Level ICertificate of Completion5947PC12
Pattern Design, Level IICertificate of Completion5949PC15
PhlebotomyCertificate of Completion5279PC7
PhotographyCertificate of Completion5784GC, PC31
Practical NursingCertificate of Completion5957CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, SC31-41
Programming and System AnalysisAssociate in Applied Science3844EM, GC, MC, PC, PV, SC64-67
Programming and System AnalysisCertificate of Completion5048CG, EM, GC, MC, PC, PV, SC24
Program Title Award Plan
Colleges Total
Real EstateCertificate of Completion5653MC, PC18
Real Estate: PrelicenseCertificate of Completion5139MC, PC. SM6.5
Retail ManagementAssociate in Applied Science3048CG, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS, SC, SM64
Retail ManagementCertificate of Completion5286CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS, SM33
Small Business Start-UpCertificate of Completion5706CG, GC, MC, PC, PV, RS, SM12
Southwest StudiesAcademic Certificate6209PC25
Surveying TechnologyAssociate in Applied Science3011PC60
Surveying TechnologyCertificate of Completion5203PC24
Technical TheatreCertificate of Completion5462PC, SC55-56
Therapeutic MassageAssociate in Applied Science3144CG, PC61-68
Therapeutic MassageCertificate of Completion5144CG, PC39-43
Web DesignCertificate of Completion5159EM, GC, GW, PC, PV18
Web DeveloperCertificate of Completion5051EM, GC, PC, PV30