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Course First Term Final Term Course Title
WST1002011 Fall9999Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WST1001995 Fall2011 Summer IIWomen and Society
WST1052007 Summer I9999Women of Color in America
WST1051998 Fall2007 SpringWomen of Color in America
WST1051996 Fall1998 Summer IIWomen of Color in America
WST1101997 Fall9999Women and Gender: A Feminist Psychology
WST1202007 Fall9999Gender, Class and Race
WST1201997 Fall2007 SummerGender, Class and Race
WST1281998 Spring9999Law and Violence Against Women
WST1602010 Summer I9999Women and the Early American Experience
WST1602003 Spring2010 SpringWomen and the Early American Experience
WST1602000 Fall2002 FallWomen and the Early American Experience
WST1612003 Spring9999American Women Since 1920
WST1612000 Fall2002 FallAmerican Women Since 1920
Course First Term Final Term Course Title
WST1951997 Fall2008 FallPreparation for Social Research in Women's Studies
WST1951996 Fall1997 Summer IIPreparation for Social Research in Women's Studies
WST2002009 Spring9999Essential Feminist Writing
WST2002005 Fall2008 FallEssential Feminist Writing
WST2001995 Fall2005 Summer IIEssential Feminist Writing
WST2062008 Fall9999La Mujer
WST2072008 Fall9999Black Women
WST2092002 Fall9999Women and Films
WST2091995 Fall2002 Summer IIWomen and Films
WST2442010 Spring9999Women in Muslim Societies
WST2612002 Fall9999Native Women's Literature: The Americas
WST282AA2003 Summer I9999Volunteerism for Women's Studies: A Service Learning Experience
WST282AB2003 Summer I9999Volunteerism for Women's Studies: A Service Learning Experience
WST282AC2003 Summer I9999Volunteerism for Women's Studies: A Service Learning Experience
WST2841995 Fall999919th Century Women Writers
Course First Term Final Term Course Title
WST2851995 Fall9999Contemporary Women Writers
WST2861997 Summer I9999Women and Health: Body/Mind/Spirit/Connection
WST2902012 Spring9999Women and World Religions
WST2902005 Spring2011 FallWomen and Religion
WST2901998 Fall2004 FallWomen and Religion
WST2922012 Summer I9999Goddess Religions
WST294AA1995 Fall2008 FallWomen Writers:Afr, Aus/Nw Z, Far Est
WST294AB1995 Fall2008 FallWomen Writers: Can, Mid Est, Iberia
WST294AC1995 Fall2008 FallWomen Writers: India, Un Kin, Lat Am
WST294AD1995 Fall2008 FallWomen Writers: Rus, Scan, Wst Cen Eu
WST2952006 Fall9999Women Studies Seminar
WST298AA2005 Fall9999Special Projects
WST298AA2002 Fall2005 Summer IISpecial Projects
WST298AB2005 Fall9999Special Projects
WST298AB2002 Fall2005 Summer IISpecial Projects
Course First Term Final Term Course Title
WST298AC2005 Fall9999Special Projects
WST298AC2002 Fall2005 Summer IISpecial Projects