MCCCD Curriculum Office: 2005-2006 Year-End Reports

The following reports are sourced from the Year-End Report on MCCCD Curriculum developed by the District Curriculum Office and presented to the District Curriculum Committee in June of each year. Sections of the Year-End Report on MCCCD Curriculum are included in the District Curriculum Office website as a way to describe the major curriculum development efforts throughout the academic year by the colleges and supported by the District Curriculum Committee and the District Curriculum Office.

District Curriculum Office 2005-2006 Year-End Reports
Curriculum Proposal Types Submitted for 2005-2006
Curriculum Proposal Types Submitted - GRAPHS for 2005-2006
Total Course and Program Modification Proposals for 2005-2006

Common Competencies Courses Processed for 2005-2006
Experimental Courses Processed for 2005-2006
New and Modified Subjects Processed for 2004-2005
IND170 Proposals (Training for Business, Industry, Government) Processed 2005-2006