Maricopa Trends

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To view reports, select a college and timeperiod from the pull-down menus, then click "Web Reports" button.

If you want to use the tables in other applications, click on the "Excel File" button to download the data (Excel file) to your desktop.

To navigate through the reports:

  • After you click the "Web Reports" button, maximize the report window.

  • Look for the tabs at the bottom of the report window. 

  • To move through the series of reports, click on the individual tabs, or click on the arrows in the lower left of the window (<< < > >>), or use the horizontal scroll bar.

Tabs are located at the bottom of the report window
When you download the Excel file, you will see a message stating that the Excel spreadsheets contain macros. The macros are not needed and may be disabled if you choose.


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