Maricopa Community Colleges

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a MAPP?
    The MAPP is a tool that outlines a prescribed sequence of classes for you to take at the community college to prepare you for your desired degree at ASU. The MAPP outlines all of the specific classes that are required for your ASU degree. This will help you to know which classes you can take at the community college. Each MAPP has an Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) and an associate’s degree built into it and the necessary grade point average (GPA) for the program.

  • Why should I follow a MAPP?
    There are several benefits. Students who complete a MAPP within three years of signing up are guaranteed admission into the specified ASU degree program. MAPP students are also locked into a specific tuition cohort while at ASU, which provides a reduced tuition rate. Additionally, MAPP students are eligible for specific merit scholarships once at ASU.

  • Can I get any degree I want?
    At this time, MAPPs are being developed for the most popular ASU majors for community college transfer students. For a list of MAPPs that are currently available, please visit: More MAPPs will be developed over time.

  • What if I’m undecided and don’t have a major yet?
    The MAPP program is designed for students who have already selected a major and know what they want to study. If you are unsure of your major, please meet with your academic advisor or a career services staff member to determine the best major for you. Since a MAPP outlines all of the courses required for a particular degree, a MAPP can be a great way to compare majors and find the best fit for you.

  • How many years do I spend at the community college?
    Students may spend different amounts of time finishing their coursework at the community college; however, to receive the benefits associated with the MAPP, you must complete your MAPP within three years starting from the time you sign up.

  • Can I transfer to another university besides ASU?
    The MAPP is part of an exclusive partnership between the Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University. Each specific MAPP leads to a specific degree at ASU. If you choose to attend a university other than ASU, it is possible that not all of those classes will be applicable at another university.

  • Can I go to any of the Maricopa Community Colleges?
    The MAPPs are applicable to any of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges – Chandler-Gilbert, Estrella Mountain, GateWay, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Rio Salado, Scottsdale and South Mountain. Please be aware that not all degrees and/or classes are available at every one of the community colleges. Please check with your community college advisor for class availability.

  • What if I have taken courses at colleges or universities other than the one where I signed my MAPP agreement?
    Coursework that has been taken at a public Arizona university or community college will already have pre-established equivalencies found in the Course Equivalency Guide through Other coursework taken at schools outside of Arizona or through private colleges must be evaluated and approved by ASU prior to being used on the pathway. The form to submit coursework for this evaluation and approval can be found online at

  • How much does it cost?
    There is no cost to sign up for the MAPP program. While you are at the community college, you will pay community college tuition and fees. While you are at ASU, you will pay university tuition and fees. However, if you are an Arizona resident participating in MAPP, you are also eligible for a special tuition program called the Tuition Commitment Program, which limits the tuition increases that will occur during completion of your bachelor’s degree.

  • How does the tuition incentive work?
    The Tuition Commitment Program tuition rate is based on the student’s semester of acceptance in a MAPP program and compliance with the MAPP requirements. Please visit for more information about how the tuition incentive works.

  • How do I get started?
    For more information about MAPPs, please see your advisor at the community college. It is strongly suggested that you seek academic advisement each semester to ensure that you are staying on track and completing the appropriate courses.

  • When should I start talking to an advisor at ASU?
    Once you are about a year away from transferring to ASU, we suggest that you speak with an ASU transfer representative. Transfer staff are available at each of the Maricopa Community Colleges and are able to assist you with the transfer process. To find your ASU contact, please visit

  • May international students sign up for MAPPs?
    International students may sign up for and participate in the MAPP program. However, there are several important points to be considered.
    • First, it is important for international students to be aware that the "guaranteed admission" benefit of the MAPP program, assumes that the student meets the general requirements for admission to the university, meaning that their visa is in order, they can provide evidence of English language proficiency, and other requirements as described at this website:

    • Second, the Tuition Commitment program is applicable to undergraduate students classified as Arizona residents for tuition purposes. Non-residents will still benefit from having a cost-effective pathway that ensures all courses transfer and apply to their ASU degree, but they do not receive reduced tuition.

    • Third, credits earned at a foreign institution that may potentially apply to the MAPP must be reviewed by international admission for transferability as well applicability to the specific MAPP requirements so that the student will know in advance how those credits "count" at Arizona State University. A foreign institution must be approved and recognized as a post-secondary institution by the Ministry of Education of the country in which the institution is located and/or by such other governmental authorities as necessary.