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APIA Scholarships

APIA MCCCD Scholarship

Background Information

The Asian and Pacific Islanders Association (APIA) is a non-profit organization of the Maricopa Community Colleges (MCCD) since 1994. APIA members across the ten colleges are committed to supporting students in their academic endeavors. Since 1993, APIA has provided students with the opportunity to apply for various scholarships in the following categories including: Academic, Community Involvement, and English as a Second Language.

Students can apply in all categories. Each student is eligible to receive only one scholarship, annually, by APIA.

In each of the previous years, APIA was able to award about 10 scholarships to students across the ten community colleges of MCCD totaling more than $3,000. To date, more than 140 scholarships have been awarded to our students with a total value of over $40,000.

APIA is proud to be a supporter of students’ pursuit of higher education and will continue to provide these opportunities which are made possible by the devoted efforts of APIA members and generous donations from APIA members and communities, and supporters.

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