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Welcome to the Maricopa Community Colleges District Office Accounts Payable Web Site

You will find useful information on this web site, such as Accounts Payable cutoff procedures, current Arizona sales tax rates, travel per diem information, a staff directory, and forms that Accounts Payable uses.

Vendors -

Getting paid from Maricopa Community Colleges

In order to process your invoices in a timely manner, we request that you follow the process below:

Please submit all invoices to:
2411 W 14TH STREET, TEMPE AZ 85281-6942
            Or you can email invoices to

Valid Current Purchase Order numbers are required on all invoices.  Failure to include a PO number will delay your payment.  Do not provide services or goods unless you are given a valid P.O. number. P.O.s are 6 digit numbers that currently start with a 4.  All Blanket and Service P.O.s are closed on June 30, at the end of each fiscal year.  A new P.O. must be issued for ongoing service.

We are unable to guarantee the timeliness of your payment if the invoice is not sent to the correct address or does not include a P.O. number.

Some exceptions apply.

Get paid faster as Maricopa Community Colleges announces Electronic Payments!

Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Visit our website at:
  2. Complete the form “Authorization for Electronic Payments for Existing Suppliers”
  3. Fax it to 480-731-8190 or

mail to MCCCD-Purchasing, 2411 W. 14th Street, Tempe AZ 85281

Remittance details will be emailed to the email address(es) of your choice. All payments will then be directly deposited into your bank account on the following business day. 


Questions: Call Krys Hammers, (480) 731-8573



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