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Centralized Receipt of Invoices for Payment

For proper internal controls, invoices shall be submitted to Accounts Payable for payment not to the individual requisitioners.  MCCCD procurement standards require this.  Additionally, paying our vendors for goods received and services rendered in the timeliest fashion possible is advantageous for us as a District and for our vendors.  With the implementation of document imaging and electronic workflow, we have cut down our turnaround time for turning invoices into payments.  That period of time can be extended significantly if the invoices are not received in the AP offices.  Similarly, we are less likely to be able to take advantage of discounts offered on some invoices for early payment if they are not received directly from the vendor to AP. 

Currently, our requirement for invoices to be submitted directly to AP is documented and conveyed in the following manners:

    • Purchasing website
    • Printed on all purchase orders
    • All requisitioners were reminded during invoice approval training in Fall 2008
    • Notice is included in the CFS Requisitioner training
    • AP periodically sends orange reminder cards to vendors.

To encourage adherence to the requirement, the following process will be implemented:

  • Reminders to both parties
    • Requisitioners
      • Email to all requisitioners, CFO, and ASC reminding all that the current policy is to send all invoices to AP
    • Vendors
      • Send orange reminder notice to vendors who don’t send invoices to AP
      • Email to all vendors receiving electronic payments 
  • Actions for repeat offenders–after reviewing the circumstances the following steps may be taken:
    • Requisitioners
      • Send email warning to offender after first offense with copy to CFO
      • Send email warning to offender after second offense with copy to CFO and ASC
      • Revoke privileges after third offense
    • Vendors
      • Phone call from AP Supervisor reminding the vendor of the policy and that any further invoices not received by AP may be returned to the vendor for resubmission to AP for payment.
      • Formal letter from Controller notifying the vendor that they are in violation of the terms of the purchase order and any further invoices received by anyone other than AP will be returned to the vendor for resubmission to AP
      • Continued violations may result in no further purchases from MCCCD

    Some exceptions apply


    Please note: Checks are to be mailed directly from Accounts Payable and will not be returned to the campus.  Travel reimbursements and advances are exceptions.  You may forward documents to be attached to the payment.  However, if the payment is electronic, you will have to email the vendor with documentation.

    How do I view payments in CFS?



    Invoice Approval Workflow Process

    In an effort to become more efficient in processing invoices, the Accounts Payable Department will implement an imaging and automated invoice approval solution. Images of invoices will become the official District record for disbursements.

    You may view the Invoice Approval Presentation.

    The AP Invoice Approval Guide for Requesters is available online.

    Everyone with CFS access and MCCCD Inquiry responsibility, or Invoice Inquiry in any other responsibiltiy, can view images of invoices. See the instuctions.


    Please see the Frequently Asked Questions




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