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Connect2NAU Joint Admission

connnect to NAU Connect2NAU provides students with joint admission to both a local Maricopa Community College and Northern Arizona University.  Students work with advisors and student services professionals from both institutions to ensure successful and timely completion of their associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.

ConnectNAU is available to students transferring to all NAU programs in Maricopa county, online, and in Flagstaff, unless they have prevously earned a degree from NAU.

Benefits for students:

University admission—Students will be admitted immediately to NAU, with no application fee, while attending a Maricopa Community College.

Local support—NAU Transition Coordinators are located on each Maricopa Community College campus to help students prepare for NAU programs at a convenient location.

Online access—Students in the Connect2NAU program have access to NAU online resources, NAU Cline Library privileges, an NAU e-mail account and an NAU ID card.

Affordable tuition—Because 64 to 90 credits transfer from Maricopa to NAU, the Connect2NAU program is one of the most affordable ways to earn a bachelor’s degree in Arizona.

Academic program options—Connect2NAU is available to students of all majors. NAU in Maricopa County offers over 50 degree programs, including Health Care, Business Administration, Elementary and Special Education, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Interior Design, Speech Communication, and Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis areas such as Justice Administration, Humanities, Public Management, Technology Management and Emergency Services Administration. Many more are available online or in Flagstaff.

Merit scholarship—Any student who completes an associate degree with a 3.5 GPA may be eligible for a $1,000 2NAU Joint Admission Transfer Scholarship from NAU, for a maximum of two consecutive terms ($2,000).

Contact your local 2NAU coordinator to learn more.