Maricopa Community Colleges

Maricopans with Disabilities


course substitution policy
for students with documented disabilities

The Maricopa County Community College District recognizes that a disability may preclude a student from demonstrating required math, reading and writing competencies or from completing course requirements necessary for an A.A., A.G.S. or A.A.S. degree or certificate programs in the same manner expected of non-disabled students.

The District also recognizes the need to accommodate students with documented disabilities to the greatest extent possible without compromising a disabled student's course of study and without compromising the integrity of any student's degree.

The Governing Board intends all of its graduates to master course competencies and to complete courses required by the Board for graduation.

The District recognizes that most disabilities that preclude a student from completing a course can be overcome by altering the method of course delivery or providing a combination of appropriate accommodations. Therefore, for most students with documented disabilities, the first level of accommodation will involve an attempt to complete the course with extra help.

Tutorial assistance, auxiliary aides and test accommodations are examples of the kinds of assistance a college may extend to a student. For some students with a disability, such accommodations and alterations of course delivery will not be sufficient to enable him/her to complete the course. For those students, a course substitution will be individually considered under the conditions described below.

If a student with a disability has attempted a required course and has discovered that receiving extra help or altering the means of delivery of that course is insufficient to enable him/her to complete the course or has sufficient documentation that he/she has a disability so severe to render any attempt at taking the course futile, that student may submit a petition to the ADA/504 coordinator of the college who will arrange for that student to meet with the Districtwide ADA Academic Council to determine whether a course substitution is appropriate.

A course substitution is permissible only if the committee determines that the course in question is peripheral to the student's course of study and that the student has no chance of completing the course even with all the accommodations the college can offer. ("Academic requirements that the District can demonstrate are essential to the program of instruction being pursued by the student or directly related to the licensing requirements, will not be regarded as discriminatory." 34 CFR 104.44(a))

NOTE: The students must realize a substitution granted by the District may not be recognized by a subsequent educational institution.