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Leaves of Absence

This informaiton is provided to employees of Maricopa Community Colleges District as a resource to assist them in applying for leaves. It is an informational overview of the types of leaves of absence available and identifies the appropriate processes and places to apply for these leaves.

This website is an educational resource for all employees and the information contained within does not replace any specific leave of absence in any MCCCD Governing board approved employee group policy manual. It is designed to assist employees in making appropriate choices for their particular leave related situations. Eligible employees should refer to their employee policy manual for additional information on specific LOAs.

The leaves of absence program is coordinated within the Compensation Department at the District Office. You should be referring your employee to the LOA hotline at (480)731-8448. Staff are available to assist you with your important questions as well assist employees in making appropriate choices for particular leave related situations.

If the leave request is an emergency in nature, first notify your supervisor and then contact the Leaves Department at (480)731-8448 for immediate assistance. Or send us an email at

Falsification of FMLA/LOA documentation will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, should this occur.

Time and Labor Reporting Codes
FMLA/Leaves of Absence Case Study Resources (pdf)

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480.731.8415 email