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Self-Paced Resources for Checkout

Self-paced courses available for check out to Maricopa Employees from Arlene Martinsen.

5 Keys to Igniting Motivation & Success: Zig Ziglar

We all want to live a successful, balanced life. And indeed research reveals that regardless of career or job, people with a balanced life earn twice as much as those who do not--and they are happier and healthier. In this informational and inspirational message, Zig Ziglar shows you the five keys to see and seize a successful future.

Mastering Information Overload: Breakthrough Tactics for the Digital Age

Learn specific skills and tactics to help you better manage and get control of the relentless flow of information. Discover how to select the right set of tools to create your ultimate information management system. Learn how to filter and prioritize, act and track, and file and retrieve your most important information. Create a personalized action plan to help you improve your management of e-mail, voice mail, snail mail, cell phones, periodicals, the Internet, and more. Become familiar with the 7 classic pitfalls of poor information management. A vital course for everyone seeking to simplify and get more organized!

Powerful Time Management Skills for Palm Handheld

Once you've mastered the basics of your Palm, learn how to turn your Palm into a powerful productivity tool. Get more done in less time by mastering timeless planning skills, including Daily and Weekly Planning processes and Prioritization and Task Management skills.

Creating Success Through Proven Goal-Setting Techniques

Envision the life you want to live and future accomplishments most important to you; write your own motivating and inspiring Personal Mission Statement; create, record, and remember specific, meaningful goals; make daily choices in keeping with short- and long-term goals.

Balancing Your Life: Strategies for Managing It All

Recognize the pain and costs of imbalance in your life; use proven time management skills to find time for yourself and those most important to you; plan each week for your most important roles and responsibilities; develop strategies for handling unexpected changes and the stress of conflicting demands find more balance and get more done in all your pursuits.

Books Available for Check Out

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (English and Spanish): Book and Audio
  • Principle-Centered Leadership: Book and Audio
  • Power Principle: Book and Audio
  • First Things First: Book and Audio
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families: Book and Audio
  • Living the Seven Habits: Advanced Application Audio
  • Developing Family Mission Statements (Audio)
  • Colin Hall: Keynote Speaker 97 Leadership Symposium (Video)
  • Leading By Example (Story of Anne Sullivan - Workshop)
  • Max and Max (Empowerment Workshop)


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