Maricopa Community Colleges

Mandatory Training

Public Stewardship and Public Sector Employment

The Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board Policies and the District's Administrative Regulations provide the framework for performing our duties. Each of us is responsible for being aware of these rules and abiding by them.

As a way to help us understand these policies and provide an assurance to our students and communities we serve that we take public stewardship seriously, we are required to complete two educational training modules:

  • Legal Issues: Public Sector Employment
  • MCCCD Public Stewardship

All full-time and part-time board approved employees including OSO, OYO, Specially Funded, and Skill Center employees, are required to participate in the training. Completion of the mandatory training is required by February 27, 2009, unless otherwise designated by the college/site president or vice chancellor. New employees will be required to participate in the training within their probationary period, or one year of their hire date, whichever is shorter.

Once initial training of all board-approved employees is complete, adjunct faculty, RPS, and temporary employees will be notified when completion is required on their part.

All employees will be required to participate in training every three years following the initial training.

From this website you can link to the required online training courses using the Canvas Learning Management System.

Canvas Login Directions

Logging In:
The Legal Issues: Public Sector Employment and Stewardship of Public Resources training can be accessed from any Internet connection. View the "Getting Started with Canvas" guide.

  • Log into Canvas using Chrome, Firefox, or IE9 or higher.
  • Enter your user name and password (Your user name is your Enterprise ID)
  • Your password will be the same as your Maricopa email password.
  • All affected employees are auto enrolled into the courses. Please click on the course name and follow the directions (please read all introductory information).

Completion Dates of Training and Disclosure Records

Training records can be accessed via HRMS. Once logged in with your Enterprise ID and your email password, click Employee Self Service link. Then, click the Training & Development link and finally click the Training Summary link. Training records are updated from Canvas/SharePoint within 48 hours of completion.

Acknowledgements and disclosures

Courses Not Listed in Canvas

  • Once logged in, if you don't see any courses, please contact Sara McCarthy 480.731.8618 or EOLT 480.731.8673.


480.731.8618 email