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Maximizing Our Strengths as an Inclusive Community

We talk about diversity, inclusion and valuing differences at Maricopa. But what does it mean? How does it relate to our daily work environments and what is the impact on the organization?

MOSAIC Overview: What is this Series About

This session provides participants with an overview of the 24-hour MOSAIC series. Participants will have an opportunity to be actively involved, at a basic level, in the complex yet rewarding journey that the MOSAIC series will take them in creating a service oriented, respectful, inclusive and equitable environment that will engage students, staff, and the Maricopa County community.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Have participated in activities to help enhance their understanding of diversity, inclusion and engagement as life-long learning.
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of MOSAIC as a basic and necessary 24-hour series.

MOSAIC is a series of six sequential workshops designed for all employees to help answer these questions. Through awareness, knowledge, skills and application strategies, participants will:

  • Appreciate the importance of being part of an inclusive culture
  • Strengthen skills necessary for effective intergroup communication
  • Recognize and respond to harmful (discriminatory, biased or exclusionary) comments, attitudes, behaviors, and
  • Increase our understanding of how inclusion impacts the entire organization.

MOSAIC Level I - Knowing Ourselves and Others - provides the framework for diversity and inclusion at Maricopa.

MOSAIC Level II - Recognizing Bias and its Consequences -- provides a deeper understanding of the impact of bias on the faculty, staff, students and the organization.

MOSAIC Level III - Strengthening Maricopa Through Action -- provides participants with an understanding of their own spheres of influence and power in identifying and correcting barriers to ensure an inclusive environment for everyone.

MOSAIC Development Plan (pdf), MOSAIC Course offerings

MOSAIC Participant Testimonials

"MOSAIC was an exciting workshop where we got a coaching on diversity in our society. I felt it to be especially a helpful workshop for a workplace like a community college where we cherish, welcome and work through diversity amongst our students. The workshop was conducted with a nice balance of discussions, hands on activities, and presentations. I enjoyed it very much. I recommend everyone and surely the new employees to attend this series of workshops right at the get go. In a very lively and interactive manner, this workshop can give them an awareness of the 'diversity and inclusiveness' concept which can help us appreciate the uniqueness of every individual around us." -Dr.Asmita Kane Budruk, Residential Faculty- Physical Science (Chemistry), Mesa Community College

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did with last week's MOSAIC course. You kept it interesting, and I enjoyed the method of using two primary and several supporting facilitators. I was also able to use the materials right away. I am starting a project with the a new department, which is quite different from other groups I have worked with. What I learned in MOSAIC about not assuming things about people, learning about them directly from them, and judging people individually on their strengths and weaknesses have been very valuable, timely skills. Treating this group exactly like any other would not have worked, as I would have assumed basic computer skills, literacy, and knowledge of an office culture that would not have applied, and would have alienated my participants. Thanks for the learning."-Andrew Lenartz, Sr. Organizational Process Analyst, District Office, May 23, 2007

"I have carried you and this class in my heart every day, and it has already begun to make a difference. This week's AZ Republic special section on cool summer deals had one, maybe two, pictures of any person of color. (one was a worker, and one was an entertainer) I may or may not have noticed before; I may or may not have done something about it before. But the AZ Republic now has a letter from me saying that "greater" Phoenix is made such by its people, and ALL people should feel welcome. Shame on both the ad folks for the resorts and the AZ Republic for not catching it. We want ALL of our guests to feel welcome.!" - Jamie Moore, SCC English Faculty Member, May 24, 2006

(Excerpt from email)..."Never have I seen our folks participate so heartily in a workshop of this type! Thank you for yet another fun-filled, informative, and stimulating session yesterday. Through the card game - it was our favorite! - you were able to successfully bring home to us the idea of perceptions and interpretations, how to negotiate cross-cultural communication, and develop intergroup communication. Thanks for your professionalism and expertise. Once more, you have ably led us through the complex dimensions of diversity - underscoring qualities in common and of difference among people." - Doris Velasco, GCC Computer Lab Supervisor, May 4, 2006

"This is not just another "diversity" seminar. It is a safe place to explore who we are as individuals, how we function in society, what we know about ourselves and others, as well as a place to acquire the tools for embodying the values of equity and inclusiveness in our lives." -Nicole Lohrbeer, MCC

"Thank you both for the wonderful job you did with last week's MOSAIC course. You kept it interesting, and I enjoyed the method of using two primary and several supporting facilitators.

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