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Professional development courses are provided to build your expertise in the competencies of supervision. Course delivery includes instructor-led, online, or teleconference opportunities. Completion of these courses provides the successful learner with a Certificate of Achievement that will be recognized throughout the District.

For Navigate Maricopa Course Materials please see the Resources & Passport information page.

Supervisory Participant Testimonials

The Navigate Maricopa series is a effective way to learn the fundamentals about MCCCD, improve on employee skills, gain increased knowledge about community college business, and engage in a efficient way to increase your employability in 21st Century Maricopa. I recommend it highly for anyone, whether you are a present manager, or plan to become one in the future. -Mary Davison, Administrative Secretary, PC

It is with great pleasure and pride that I am submitting my completed Passport for the Navigate Maricopa Series of classes through the intercampus mail. It has been an enlightening journey. I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of your for your efforts on our behalf. You made this interesting, very educational, and entertaining at times. I am personally very grateful for having the chance to participate and grow. This was an extremely valuable experience. -Scott Kozakiewicz, Media Coordinator, GCC, 03/12/2009

Thank you to you (Sherrie Faulkner) and your staff (Employee & Organizational Learning) and the others who provided the opportunity and the knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed this program and would recommend it to anyone who is a manager or aspires to become one in the next couple of years. -Cyndi DeBoer, Director Career/Educational Planning Services, 11/7/2008

I felt fortunate that I could attend the week long version of Navigate Maricopa. The course work was intense, but meaningful and I strongly recommend that everyone who holds a supervisor or leadership role participate in this program. The comprehensive topics cover all aspects of supervisory training and include not only knowledge based information, but practical application activities as well. I have attended and have taught supervisory courses in the past and can confidently endorse this training program. -June Fessenden, Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator, District Office, 5/29/08

First I would like to say that all of the training I've received through ELOT programs has been an enlightening experience. All of the instructors have worked hard to make the programs informative and enjoyable. If only I could remember everything that they tried to instill into my brain! Especially the supervisor development program, so much good stuff. I would encourage most everyone to take this, even if they don't plan to be a supervisor. It is a glimpse into what Maricopa is all about and so very informative. I would like to THANK ALL who participated in developing this and all the programs that I've been fortunate to participate in! -Tim McHenry CRL, Acting Facilities Supervisor, CGCC/WC, 4/25/2008

This program provides a great foundation for any new manager. I highly recommend that people take advantage of it! -Susan Lawrence, Coordinator of Business and Industry Training Services, Rio Salado College, 4/25/2008

I learned so much in the Navigate Maricopa Passport program -- business practices, public responsibility, performance standards and much more. The program is beneficial for all Maricopa employees, not just managers." - Trish Rhodes Vogel, Director of Institutional Advancement, GCC, 4/24/2008

"WOW! Ever drink water from a fire hydrant, this is how I felt, thirsty for knowledge and then discovering how much I really lacked knowing. I was totally "emerged" in the learning environment. I recommend this program of training for all employees, the information is insightful, and inspiring. The subject experts were outstanding and captivating. It makes one proud to say 'I am part of *One Maricopa*'. " - Mike Poplin, Director of Media Services, Phoenix College, 3/7/2008

"An engaging program that contains essential information and techniques for all District employees" - Bruce Scharbach, Facilities Services, CGCC, 3/7/2008

"I've been in management and leadership positions for well over 40 years-much of that time in senior management. The courses provided by the EOLT program in the MCCCD are priceless. They allow both the experienced and inexperienced supervisor or manager to refresh and/or learn those skills essential to everyday decision-making. The scope of the offerings enables everyone to get a broader picture of the management environment. I felt renewed and invigorated after each course. My compliments to the course developers and trainers. Everyone should make time for themselves and their subordinate supervisors to attend these sessions!" - Bill Bristol, Coordinator Instructional Programs, Rio Salado College-West Valley, 5/20/05

"(Excerpt of email to fellow search committee members) I was able to arrange my schedule to attend yesterdays "Hire the Best" workshop and feel it was well worth it. So worth it, in fact, that I would urge each of you to rearrange your schedules in order to attend the session to be held on our campus next week...A fellow participant yesterday is a veteran of the hiring process... and he expressed surprise and appreciation for a good portion of the material and the discussion." - Christine Moore, GCC Faculty Member

"I strongly encourage all employees to attend Navigate Maricopa Supervisory series to learn what it means to be in a supervisory role at MCCCD. I have attended these workshops and have found them to be very beneficial." - Kevin Vahle 04-05 PSA President

"The supervisory workshops are very worth while. I would recommend them to any department chair whether they have been chair for two months, two years or more. I've been a department chair for over four years and I wish I had taken the workshops sooner. Plus as an added bonus for many faculty, many of the workshops included FPG advancement hours. These workshops would be very helpful to PSA and MAT. I believe it is always good to know what can and can't be done with respect to evaluations and various aspects of workload, training and in general understand the responsibilities of a supervisor or department chair." -Sandra Wells Learning, Technologies and Development Faculty, Department Chair

"I learned a significant amount from both the material and the participants. Having an engaged, participatory group together for the week enriched the training experience" -Patrick Smith, Senior Accountant, District Office, 3/30/07

"This totally changes the way I will supervise, this class (series) should be mandatory for all new MCCCD supervisors." -Doug McCarthy, Director of Facilities, Phoenix College, 3/30/2007

"This program seems destined to become a mandatory and immediate requirement for all MCCCD personnel who have supervisory level positions." -Jim Adams, Supervisor, Grounds and Maintenance, MCC-Red Mountain, 3/30/07

"Cohort based program was highly effective." -John Schroeder, Provost, CGCC, 3/30/07

"Resources in Action." -John Naughton, Administrative Coordinator, MSC, 3/3/0/07

"Navigating Maricopa is not just for supervisors. In my opinion, Navigating Maricopa should be part of the New Employee Orientation process. In addition, I believe all current employees and board members should participate in Navigating Maricopa in order to update their knowledge in all aspects of working in a non-profit, state and county funded educational institution. In my opinion, if all employees and board members participated this process, conflict could be reduced, processes would be done correctly the first time, and expectations would be known from both the employee and supervisor perspective. A respectful and safe work environment can be created with the understanding that there are different working styles. Education is the key to success." -Heidi Little, Coordinator Instructional Technology Development/Training, District Office

Past Weeklong Cohort Completers

Spring 2012 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Back Row: Gilbert Martinez, Barbara Boros, Bob Metivier, John Snelling, Corey Loucy, Mike Longman, Sandra Miller Holst, Tony Asti, Patty Topping, Kevin Hufnagel, Suzanne Hipps, Osaro Ighodaro, Amanda Vitella, Sandi Reyes, Craig Dyer, Sherri Ondrus, Irene Ruiz, Herschel Jackson, Terry Morris, Chris Haines, Fernando Camou, Roberta Jeffers
Front Row: Kathy Brooks, Jesus Hernandez, Chris Lambrakis, Cheryl Crutcher, Colleen Peterson, Luane Shull, Karen Johnson, Cindy Barnes Pharr

Fall 2011 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Front Row: Gene Heppard, PC; Martha Anderson, DSSC; Angelica Mihailova, DSSC, Mary Moses, GCC; Dena Messer-Herrera, Rio
Middle Row: Adam Russell, MCC; Elizabeth Walker, DSSC; Andrew Olesky, GCC; Amy Dodd, GCC; Jackie Serna, GCC; Kerry Sanderson, GWC; Lynda Anderson, CGC; Annique Nestmann, MCC
Back Row: Edward Mara, GCC; Kelly Clement, GCC; William Mathis, MCC; Patricia Dominion, DSSC; Jeffry Park, DSSC; Mary Gibbons, SCC; Chris Coughlin, GCC; Sherrie Faulkner (Facilitator)
Not pictured: Kristin Gubser, GWC; Laurie Gigan, PVCC

Spring 2011 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Front Row: Norma Reyna, GCC;Yvonne Taylor, PVCC; Shirley Brydie, EMC; Cindy Almendarez, DSSC; Della Garcia, SMC
Middle Row: Keli Jones, DSSC; Curtis Kipp, SCC; Wilbert Nelson, PC; Vickie Williams, DSSC; Debi Moser, SCC; Micheile Ujke, GWC; Alan Ziv, SMC
Back Row: Gary Bond, GCC; Margo Bates, GCC; Gia Taylor, SCC; Florene Beal, SMC; Joseph Ivy, PC; Chuck Pierce, GCC; Mike Lewis, SMC; Sherrie Faulkner (Facilitator),and Robert Fleenor, CGC

Fall 2010 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Front Row: Mirna Rosas, SCC; Nova Robinson, GCC; Karyn Fought, Rio; Chitra Pandit, DSSC
Next Row: Amanda Sella, GCC; Diana Pinon, Rio; Lisa Main, Rio; Tuesdee Pfeiff, MCC; EJ Anderson, Rio
Next Row: Andrea Archer, SMC; Cecilia Quiroz, PC; Alyssa Brown, DSSC; Damita Kaloostian, SMC; Mike Kapadya, DSSC; Debra Bitter, MCC, Jeremy Tutty, Rio
Back Row: Jonathan Robles, EMC; Almetra Walker, DSSC; Anthony Discala, SCC; Gordon Inman, Rio; Frank Linn, Rio; Michael Searle, MCC; Sherrie Faulkner, Facilitator (DSSC)

Spring 2010 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Left to Right: Front-row - Adrianna Wheeler, Regina Mannix, Bianca Rodriguez, Charity Derman, Pat Dausey , and Vanessa Galvan
Middle row - Chuck Fortino, Sylvia Symonds, Tom Ramey, Jesus Felix, Isaac Torres, Stefanie Latham, Alex Castillo, Sherrie Faulkner (Facilitator)
Back row - Mark Falletta, David Williams, JD Austin, John Beil, Paul Golisch, John Kakritz, Bryan Clark, Lindy Afek, Dave Preston, Albert Sockel, Jr.
Not Pictured: Carl Ward

Fall 2009 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Front Row (seated) left to right: Joshua Krek (GCC), Felicitas Kinard (PC), Juanita Parra (EMC), Gloria Toscano (DSSC), Karla DeVoll (GWC)
Next Row, left to right: Robert Cavan (GCC), Lucy Rayford (MCC), Sharon Halford (PC), Pamela Schuler (CGC), Alicia Barnett (MCC), Cruzargelia Villaba (GCC)
Next Row, left to right: Kevin Sprague (DSSC), Sylvia Hill (DSSC), Carol Maffuccio (RIO), Helen Baker-Augustine (PC), Ginger Sandweg (PC), Alka Arora-Singh (GCC), Debra Sheldon (EMC)
Back Row, left to right: Joshua Brown (DSSC), Debra Cloud (RIO), Micael Fitchett (DSSC), Kristy Warfield (GWC/MSC), Earnestine Harrison (RIO), Edward Yeager II (SCC), Peter Lafata (RIO), Allen Ferguson (GCC), Le'Ann Reyes (GCC), David Williams (SCC), Sherrie Faulkner (facilitator), and Austin Shepard (EMC)

Spring 2009 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Left to right, front row - sitting: Philip Cram, Katherine Silberman, Scott Kozakiewicz, Catherine Pettet, Gary Freeman, Mark Peek
Left to right, back row - David Rekas, Suzanne Cutler, Mary Day, Dennis Ellsworth, Thuy Cao, Matthew Healy, Mardy Wilson and Kristi Fok

Fall 2008 Weeklong Navigate Maricopa Completers

Left to right, front row - kneeling: Steve Azevedo, Mark Schufletowski, Michael Turner
Left to right, front row - standing: Rose Lugo, Penny Covert, Gayathri Bala, Guadalupe Gutierrez, Teresa Alday
Left to right, second row - David Ruvalcaba, Tracy Price, Richard Terrell, Marisa Park, Neomi Pulgarin,
Left to right, back row - Lamont Opp, Corey Weidner, Kimberly Tobey, Michael Trier, Claudia Lopez, Rochelle Reinesch and behind Rochelle, Sherrie Faulkner (facilitator)

Spring 2008

Left to right, front row - kneeling: Sarah Leitz, Leonard Jimenez, James Morris
Left to right, front row - standing: Lisa Hitzler, Heather Frengley
Left to right, second row - Cheryl Patton, Seth Goodman, Tita Taylor, Jacqueline Gill, Linda Lawson, Nora Shelton, Marisa Estrada, LaDonna Lewis, Brenda Croteau, and Sherrie Faulkner (facilitator)
Left to right, back row - Jim Dusek, Deanna Pritchard, Andrea Williams, Steve Singer, Troy Buckey, Brian Daily, Marc Surrarrer, Jordan Casale, Ben Archer
Not pictured: Kate Bankston, Christine Hall, Carol Crane, and Martha Banuelos

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