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Please disregard the instructions for faculty application procedures described on the faculty positions page. Clinical Nursing faculty positions are handled through a different process.

Effective June 2003, the clinical nursing faculty of the Maricopa Community Colleges have decided to hire clinical nursing faculty through a "pool process". That is, rather than a person applying for individual clinical nursing positions posted by the colleges, all the clinical nursing applications will be submitted to a pool. Each college with an open position will then review the pool of applicants and interview/hire from the pool.

Please follow these instructions to be included in the Clinical Nursing Pool:

  • You must apply on-line. Please read the rest of the instructions first, then access the application. (Once you have submitted your application, you will be able to make changes in your submitted application if information changes throughout the life of your application).
  • The pool will be open from October 1st through September 30th each year. You will need to reapply every October 1st if you would like to remain in the pool. This is a simple process-make any changes you wish to the application and submit it to the new posting number.
  • Requirements for the Clinical Nursing faculty are listed under the job descriptions in the "Current Openings".
  • No unofficial transcripts are needed at the time of the application but will be requested if you are called for an interview. Official transcripts will be required if you are chosen for the position.
Selection and hiring process:
  • Throughout the year, clinical nursing positions will become available at various colleges. A search committee will review the on-line applications. They will choose applicants whom they wish to interview.
  • The colleges will call the candidates for an interview. They will be contacted at the phone numbers supplied on the application. (If your phone number changes, please make the appropriate changes to your submitted application).
  • Interviews will be in person or on the phone. Unofficial transcripts are needed at this point.
  • Once the final candidate has been chosen, s/he will be contacted and an official job offer will be made.
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