Maricopa Community Colleges

Board Approved

  • To hire a Regular or Specially Funded Governing Board approved employee, a requisition must be completed online; please see Hiring Procedures. You will find a tutorial on How to Complete an Online Requisition under the section "Posting a Job". Please follow guidelines for deadlines, advertising, screening, interviewing and final selection.
  • Certified Public Safety Officers - College must submit a Job Requisition prior to internal and/or transfer employee interviews and/or screening of the active qualified pool. A recommended external candidate must pass all phases of the background investigation and testing prior to placement on the Governing Board as a new hire.
  • Administrative or Temporary Reassignment -To initiate an administrative or a temporary reassignment (voluntary or management initiated), the following forms and documentation should be sent to your appropriate District HR Coordinator:
    • Personnel Action Request (doc)
    • Essential Functions and Physical Requirements (doc)
    • Employee Resume (employee needs to provide to supervisor)
    • Email from supervisor justifying need for reassignment and a brief explanation of how the employee meets the minimum qualifications for the position. The President's approval should be included on the email.
Forms Contacts

Strategic Staffing

480.731.8465 email