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Time Card / Temporary

Request for Personnel Services (RPS)

State of Arizona Minimum Wage Announcement! (pdf)

MCCCD New Employee Packet Guide

The forms in the new hire packets are to be completed by employees only upon confirmation of hire. They are not to be completed by applicants or potential employees.

Cover Memo to Employees (pdf) - To be retained by Employee
This page may be customized by each campus (logo, etc.) as long as all the information is retained. It explains what each form is for and why it is required. It also lists additional documents that may be required and who employees may contact with questions.

Employee Data Form (pdf) - Retained at campus
If there is a change on a rehire, submit the proper change form i.e. Address/Name change form. The original employee data form is to be retained at the campus for 5 years beyond last date paid.

Employee Demographics Form (pdf) - Retained at campus
This information is to be kept strictly confidential. The original is to be kept by a designated person at each campus.

SIS-FERPA/College Records (pdf) - To be retained by Employee at some time during employment, every Maricopa employee may be exposed to student information. The importance of protecting student information cannot be overstated.

Loyalty Oath (pdf) - Retained at campus
Only citizens and permanent residents of the United States complete this form. It is to be retained at the campus for 5 years beyond last date paid.

W-4 and A-4 FORMS - Forward originals to Payroll

These are the federal and state tax withholding forms. It is critical that these forms be complete and legible in order that the employee's tax records are accurately credited. Please review the forms. Verify the employee's Social Security number. The employee may (1) verbally confirm the number, (2) allow the Social Security card to be seen or (3) provide another document containing the Social Security number. Every year Payroll receives a report from the Social Security Administration that lists at least 100 employees who have submitted either invalid social security numbers, or for whom the names submitted do not match Social Security's records. This can cause a problem for the district as well as for the employees. The district can be liable for a fine for each employee knowingly reported incorrectly. The employees' contributions can be sent to a suspense account and not properly credited to their accounts. It is much easier to get it right the first time.

Wage Withholding for Child Support (pdf) - Forward original to Payroll ONLY for employees who are subject to child-support wage withholding
Employers are required by law to ask all new hires, rehires or employees returning from unpaid leave if they are subject to child support withholding.

I-9 FORM - Retain original at campus.
Documents and Form I-9 Instructions. The I-9 Form is to be retained by the campus where the employee was initially hired for a period of three years or one year beyond the employee's last date paid by the district, whichever is longer. Employees are not required to complete multiple I-9s when working on multiple campuses.

MCCCD is required by Arizona law to participate in the Dept. of Homeland Security E-Verify program. All new employees will be checked to see if they are eligible to work in the U.S.

Lists of Acceptable I-9 Documents (pdf)

Form I-9 Instructions (pdf)

Maricopa Eligibility Declaration (pdf) - Return to Compensation Department
Please check box or boxes that apply and return to the Compensation Department. When the Eligibility Form is reproduced it must be copied on yellow paper. This will expedite processing.

Non-U.S. Citizen Tax Data Forms

The following forms are to be used only for employees claiming a tax treaty with another country:

Using a Temp Agency

  • Determine what your budget will allow and the time frame that the temporary worker will be needed.
  • Determine skills and proficiency level of skills the temporary worker will require.
  • Determine the start date, length of assignment, hours and days worked.
  • Obtain quotes from Temporary Staffing Agencies and explain the details pertaining to your needs (inquire about the rate as it relates to your proficiency level). (Contact Purchasing for a list of agencies or for assistance in obtaining the necessary quotes).
  • Temporary agencies will conduct search. Decide if you will want to review resumes, interview and select temporary, or allow agency to selcet temporary based on skills.
  • Create a requisition on CFS (determine the dollars needed based on length of assignment and funding available) and generate a purchase order number.
  • PO will be sent to agency. Communicate to agency that all invoices should reference the PO number prior to sending to Accounts Payable.
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