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Documenting Performance & Behavior

Corrective Action

Employee Relations provides guidance to supervisors who have decided to formalize disciplinary measures with a Corrective Action to an employee.

What is Corrective Action?

It is a progressive discipline process that occurs between a Maricopa supervisor and an employee to address one or more performance or behavior problems. The goal of Corrective Action is to improve employee performance or behavior; however, if performance or behavior does not improve, discipline progresses in a way that increases in seriousness, and can ultimately result in termination.

What is the Process?

The supervisor contacts Employee Relations to discuss an employee issue. The supervisor will be asked to provide information and/or documentation regarding the issue and will be provided with feedback from Employee Relations based on the situation.

*If Corrective Action is determined to be appropriate based on the information provided, Employee Relations will provide assistance tailored to the supervisor's needs (i.e. assistance with drafting the Corrective Action form, role-playing a Corrective Action, etc.).

Once the Corrective Action document is finalized, Employee Relations will provide guidance to the supervisor regarding the notification to the employee, who should be present for the administration of the document based on their Employee Group, what the ground rules are for administering the document and what the employee's rights are based on their Employee Group.

Information on Performance Management Training

*Note: Depending on the situation, Employee Relations may provide other options to the supervisor. These could include, but are not limited to, an Incident Report, Suspension and Termination.

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