The City of Avondale is a growing city in southwestern Maricopa County with a population
approaching 36,000. The Maricopa Community Colleges currently serve the City of Avondale
through the Estrella Mountain Community College campus at 3000 North Dysart Road and the
SouthWest Skill Center on the Estrella Mountain campus. Avondale residents also enjoy the
educational and community services provided through other colleges within the ten-college
Maricopa County Community College District.

Employees living in city

Students living in city

Teaching sites in city


Many students access their educational services through the Internet and others attend one
of the 200 teaching sites located near the Avondale which provide evening and weekend
coursework and training,with students often being working adults. Such services were
provided at surrounding high schools, businesses, shopping centers and even churches. In
addition, many of the Maricopa Community Colleges maintain partnerships with corporations,
industries and non-profits organizations located in Avondale.

Estrella Mountain Community College opened its doors in 1992 and distinguished itself for its
innovative programming and community partnerships. In 2001,Estrella Mountain Community
College served approximately 9,700 students in 166,434 square feet of facility on 105 acres
at the North Dysart Campus. The annual budget of Estrella Mountain Community College
is approximately $12,000,000 with most of those funds being spent on salaries or on the
purchase of goods and materials from state and local merchants.

The Maricopa Community Colleges served more than 277,000 students in 2000-2001 and
maintained corporate partnerships with more than 1,000 businesses in the Valley. Of all high
school graduates in Maricopa County, 45%attend one of the community colleges within one
year of graduation.

A Community of Colleges …A World of Opportunity

Dr. Rufus Glasper

Matt Ortega
Director of Government Relations