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Business Law & Contracts

Instructions for Completing a
Contract for Professional Services

When Should This Form Be Used?

Use this Form for outside professional services such as consultants and program designers. Note that the Purchasing Department’s Purchasing Procedures Manual applies to the purchase of services through this Form. If you have any questions about whether or how much competition is required for the services you are buying, contact the Purchasing Department at 480.731.8520.

Do Not Use this Form to Purchase Services:

  • Where the contractor is a current employee of the District or has been an employee in the last 12 months. See Conflict of Interest.

  • If they are routine, such as equipment repair or building maintenance.

  • Where the type of services supplied and how they are performed (such as most teaching services) create more of an employment relationship rather than an independent contractor relationship under applicable law. See Professional Services Contracts vs. Employment Contracts.

NOTE: This Form will be returned if it isn’t
completely or correctly filled out.

Who Should Complete This Form?

The person who is requesting the services and who will be monitoring the Contractor’s performance.

Who Will Sign This Form For The District?

The following things must take place before the Assistant General Counsel signs:

  • The person requesting the services must thoroughly complete the Form, including the very bottom gray section that says "TO BE COMPLETED BY CAMPUS/UNIT ONLY." Be sure to put the requisition number on the contract.
  • The appropriate fiscal officer must review the completed Form and initial it.
  • There must be an approved requisition for the contract in CFS. When creating the requisition, be sure to put in the "Description" field that a contract is going to Legal. No PO should be created until after the contract has been signed.
  • The Contractor must sign the Form and provide the complete
    information requested from it on the Form, including tax identification number.
  • The original, signed form must be submitted to Legal for signature. Scanned, faxed or copied versions of the contract will not be accepted.

When Can The Contractor Begin Work?

Not until all the procedures listed above are complete and the District has issued a purchase order.


If the services change or additional work is needed under the contract which causes an increase in fees the change must be in writing and signed by the Assistant General Counsel. It is not appropriate to initiate a new Contract for Professional Services Form for that changed or additional work. Use the Amendment to Contract for Professional Services Form.

Where Do You Get the Forms?

You may download the form from the Legal Department’s Business Law and Contracts web page. You may also download the form here

Contract for Professional Services

Tips To Expedite Processing

There must be an approved requisition for the contract in CFS. This means that CFS must show that the requisition has been "APPROVED & RESERVED " before the contract will be forwarded for

Do not submit contracts after-the fact. Legal is not able to sign a contract after the service has been provided. If this happens, then submit a copy of the invoice and an explanation of why it was late to Legal along with the contract and written approval from your college's president so that we can authorize payment as a claim. The contract will not be signed.

Make sure that the gray box at bottom of the contract is completed by the campus, including the requisition number and fiscal officer’s initials. For amounts $10,000 and above, please send the contract to Purchasing for approval. They will need to review the competitive bids and approve the contract before sending it to Legal for signature. If the contract is being paid for with funds from a grant, the Grants Office and Grants Accounting Office will need to approve the contract as well.

Questions or comments?
Contact Margaret E. McConnell @ 480.731.8888

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