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Department Publications

Adjunct Faculty Tuition Waiver - FAQs
Revised 03/29/2010

One of the many benefits of serving as an MCCCD employee is the opportunity to learn at virtually no cost. Employees receive tuition waivers for the credit-hour cost of courses offered at our colleges. A provision adopted by the Governing Board allows adjunct faculty to use the waiver in terms following their teaching assignment, but still within the same fiscal year. While allowing flexibility for the use of the waiver, the program still has some restrictions. Following are some common questions related to adjunct faculty tuition waivers:

Am I eligible for a tuition waiver?

Adjunct faculty with assignments to teach credit courses are eligible to receive tuition waivers for up to 6 credit hours per semester in which they have a teaching assignment. Eligibility is not extended to those solely teaching non-credit courses.

If I don’t use my waiver, can my children or my spouse use it?

No, adjunct faculty waivers are not transferable to other parties and may only be used by the employee.

Since I’m teaching during the fall semester, I’d like to wait and take a class in the spring when I have more time. Is that allowed?

Adjuncts with assignments that began on or after July 1, of a given fiscal year may elect to defer the use of their tuition waiver to a term that is within the same fiscal year of the assignment, but that follows the actual teaching assignment. Note that a fiscal year runs July 1st through June 30th.

I typically teach in both spring and fall semesters; can I use my waiver in the summer?

Deferred waivers may not be utilized to enroll in classes that begin during the second summer semester (Summer Session II), since this session begins after the current fiscal year. However, deferred waivers may be utilized to enroll in 8 week summer courses that start in Summer Session I from May – July, with the course having begun prior to the end of the fiscal year in which a party had already been determined as eligible to defer.

What if I plan to teach in the spring, but would like to take a few courses prior to my teaching assignment?

Eligibility for waiver does not begin until after the initial assignment is executed; thus courses will not be waived prior to the start of the faculty member’s first assignment, even if the difference is only one day. Also, if the courses that a party is assigned to teach are canceled, the waiver becomes invalid and that person would be responsible for paying the full student costs of any classes taken.

I am teaching in the fall but it is a short term class that starts later in the semester and I want to take a class that starts at the beginning of the term. Can I use my waiver at that time?

As mentioned in the previous question, eligibility does not begin until after the assignment is executed.

My college has dual enrollment agreements with local high schools. Are those teachers eligible for the tuition waiver?

Dual enrollment instructors are not eligible to receive tuition waivers.

Can I take classes at more than one college?

Yes, but the cumulative total of courses taken may not exceed 6 credit hours in any given semester.

How many hours can I carry over to another semester?

No more than 6 credit hours may be deferred within a given fiscal year, meaning that earned unused hours cannot be accumulated above 6 credit hours.

Can I use the waiver for a non-credit course?

Non-credit courses are not available for tuition waivers.

Where can I pickup a waiver form?

Forms are available on-line at:

Who has to sign my waiver?

Adjunct waiver forms should be signed by the division chair, the vice president or the appropriate dean who can verify that the party is employed as declared on the waiver form. Eligibility is reviewed and confirmed after the waiver request form has been submitted to the Cashier's Office.

What if I have questions about eligibility?

Questions regarding eligibility status should be directed to Employment Services at 480-731-8469 or to the Office of Public Stewardship at 480-731-8880.

Published in the Winter 2007 Edition of In Brief

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