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Janice Bradshaw Retires as General Counsel

This coming August, Janice Bradshaw retires from the Maricopa County Community College District after 25 years as its General Counsel.

Women were a conspicuous minority in American law schools when Janice entered the University of Arizona College of Law. They were a conspicuous minority in the legal profession as well. Nevertheless, in 1972, Janice joined the civil division of the office of the Maricopa County attorney; there she represented local school districts. That experience made her a logical candidate two years later to become the first in-house attorney for the Maricopa Community Colleges.

The issues facing attorneys in higher education have changed significantly since Janice started at Maricopa. Few lawyers in the 1970s could foresee the legal challenges that information technology would ultimately present. The concepts of gender equity in educational programs and disability rights were reserved mainly for scholarly discussion in law reviews.

Over the course of Janice's service, Maricopa's evolution has been dramatic as well. Its number of community colleges doubled, and enrollment has grown astronomically. The scope and diversity of its educational offerings, both traditional and non-traditional, bear little resemblance to what existed when Janice began her Maricopa career.

Through all the changes, Janice addressed the myriad legal issues with unfailing skill and finesse. The office whose operations she supervised has been cited repeatedly as a model for other community college districts nationwide as they have sought to establish their own legal departments.

The expertise she contributed, along with her deceptively easy command of the institutional culture, has made Janice one of Maricopa's most valuable resources.

Published in the Summer 1999 Edition of In Brief

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