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Trisha Brazda, Chair 480-461-7491
Randall Stapley 480-461-7708
Kim Olson 480-784-0702
John Austin 480-731-8759

The Committee meets as needed to provide timely consideration and response to each applicant.

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Committee Purpose
The purpose of the Committee is to measure & recognise appropriate learning, training, and certification opportunities that are beneficial to both the District and the employee. Upon accumulation of 400 points earned by completing previously approved certificates, the MAT employee may apply for salary compensation equivalent to a step increase or a one-time stipend.

Each MAT employee is eligible for two salary compensations during their Maricopa career. You must have the certificate approved before you test or complete the training to qualify for points.

Coursework Eligibility
All coursework during the certification process must be approved as satisfying certain requirements, and evaluated by the MAT Certification Committee. Coursework must benefit and improve the overall quality of management and administration of MCCCD, the employee's job performance, or employee's professional goals (as related to Maricopa Community Colleges).

Only certificates are awarded points, not individual courses. A minimum of 400 points must be accumulated before an employee can be considered for salary compensation. 400 points may be accumulated using several certificates (example: RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer 180 + RHCSA Red Hat Certified Systems Admin 220 = 400) or a single certificate (example: Certified Purchasing Manager 400).

All certificates included in a request for salary compensation must be completed within a 7 year timeframe to qualify for compensation. Certifications cannot be grandfathered in if earned before approval and point assignment by the MAT Certification Committee; there are no exceptions.

Renewal of certifications, Professional Development Units (PDU), Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and Continuing Education Units (CEU) do not qualify for salary compensation but are considered in the point awards given to certificates in which they are required.

Employee Eligibility
To be eligible for consideration, employees must be a MAT employee. Employees must also have completed their probationary period. For further information on the probationary period, see the MAT Policy manual.

Please Note:

Newly adopted SkillCenter employees will continue with their longstanding process of submitting certification points/education completion to their HR office on campus.
SouthWest Skill Center: Liz Martinez: | 623-935-8228.
Maricopa Skill Center: John Naughton: | 602-238-4309