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MAT Certification Compensation Guidelines

Committee Purpose
The purpose of the MAT Certification Committee is to recognize eligible MAT employees for working to increase their skills and/or earning a certification standard (as awarded by a Certifying Entity).

Certificates are awarded point values that can be applied toward the 400 points needed to be eligible for salary compensation. The salary compensation is equal to a step increase or a one-time stipend (if no additional steps are available to the employee). Each MAT employee is eligible for two salary compensations (each by accumulating 400 points) during their Maricopa career. You must have the certificate approved before you test to qualify for points.

Coursework Eligibility
All coursework during the certification process must be approved as satisfying certain requirements, and evaluated by the MAT Certification Committee. Coursework must benefit and improve the overall quality of management and administration of MCCCD, the employee's job performance, or employee's professional goals (as related to Maricopa Community Colleges).

Only certificates are awarded points, not individual courses. A minimum of 400 points must be accumulated before an employee can be considered for salary compensation. 400 points may be accumulated using several certificates (example: RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer 180 + RHCSA Red Hat Certified Systems Admin 220 = 400) or a single certificate (example: Certified Purchasing Manager 400).

All certificates included in a request for salary compensation must be completed within a 7 year timeframe to qualify for compensation. Certifications cannot be grandfathered in if earned before approval and point assignment by the MAT Certification Committee; there are no exceptions.

The MAT employee may submit an application to the MAT Certification Committee which must be accompanied by copies of the certificate(s) and supporting documents. These documents should be in digital form and should be emailed to the Chair of the MAT Certification Committee.

Renewal of certifications, Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and Continuing Education Units (CEU) do not qualify for salary compensation.

Employee Eligibility
To be eligible for consideration, employees must be a MAT employee. Employees must also have completed their probationary period. For further information on the probationary period, see the MAT Policy manual.

How Points Are Awarded
Points are determined by a number of factors. Each certificate program is researched, evaluated, and weighted by the MAT Certification Committee.

All Certifications are evaluated by the following 5 criteria:

  1. Formal Education or Level of Knowledge
  2. Professional Experience
  3. Continuing Professional Education Requirement
  4. Range of Knowledge
  5. Testing Requirements

Internal Entities (District Certificates) are evaluated using a formula measuring seat hours. 10 seat hours = 1ceu for example: 1.8ceus X 20 points = 36 points.

Other factors that can determine point values.

Some programs are renamed over time and a MAT employee may petition for the existing certificate to also be known as the newer name. A MAT employee may petition to change the point value of any certificate by submitting a review with the appropriate paperwork which show the two programs as being equal; or that more rigor is involved in the current program than in the past.

Why is my certificate not worth more points?

Is your certificate on the list of approved certifications? If so - check the date of approval. If the date of approval is more than 5 years old, you may wish to ask for a review to change the point value of the certificate.

Many certificate qualifications change over time. Submit the appropriate linked form so we can review the original award and the new or changed criteria.

This may or may not result in an increased point valuation.

Steps to Submit a Certificate for Approval:

  1. Review the list of already approved certificates. If yours is not there - continue.
  2. Complete the Petition to Add Certificate form.
  3. Email or inter-campus mail a signed copy of this form to the MAT Certification Committee Chair