Maricopa Community Colleges


2011 Apr 13

Maricopa Board, Chancellor Oppose Guns on Campus

The Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board and District Chancellor Rufus Glasper are urging that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer veto Senate Bill 1467, which would allow people to lawfully carry guns on the “public right of way” of a community college or university.

The Governing Board approved a strongly-worded resolution opposing legislation that would allow guns on campus. The resolution objected to allowing guns on campus for several reasons, including concern that in an “active shooter situation” additional armed people could “result in further chaos and carnage by delaying law enforcement’s ability to identify the active shooter.”

The resolution, approved at the Board’s April 5 meeting, asked the legislature to deny passage of various pieces of gun legislation, including SB 1467. The legislature subsequently passed SB 1467 and sent it to the Governor, where it awaits action.

Dr. Glasper sent a letter to the governor pointing out that the bill does not define a public right of way and without such a definition, the application of the law is unclear. “The potential confusion could create a direct threat to the safety of our students and faculty,” he wrote.

In addition, the Arizona Community College Presidents’ Council, of which Dr. Glasper is a member, also wrote Gov. Brewer urging that she veto the bill. “Local district governing boards are in the best position to determine, in conjunction with faculty, students, law enforcement representatives, and local community members, the most appropriate gun policy for their campuses,” the presidents’ letter said.