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Effective July 1, 2011
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Effective May 1, 2013
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PSA Membership Information

What are the Benefits of Being a Dues-Paying PSA Member?

---Unified Voice: The more Professional Staff employees who join, the stronger our voice & presence will be as an MCCCD association
--- Leadership Opportunities: Members can run for PSA offices and participate in leadership training
---Discounts on the Summer Conference and Holiday Luncheon
---Networking Opportunities
--- Involvement in PSA Policy Development
---Covey Course Reimbursements
---Coordinated Volunteering Opportunities
---Your dues provide operational funding and help pay for PSA events, speakers, leadership training, and career development
---Chance to Make a Difference!

Wish to join? Dues are only $25 per year. What a bargain!

Payment Methods Available: Payroll Deduction, Check or Money Order payable to MCCCD PSA.

PSA Membership Deadline: Dues are collected July 1st through December 15th. Dues expire on June 30th fiscal-year close. New employees hired after December 16th will have their dues pro-rated by half the amount.

For more information, contact our MCCCD PSA Treasurer: Anita Dusek  Click on the link to send an email message! (480) 461-7551