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The total maximum amount for 2014-2015 Fiscal Year for approved professional growth activities registration and related travel expenses and tuition is $4,000.00. Reimbursement will be made to regular part-time employee up to half of the total maximum award amount(s) which is $2,000.00.
What is PSD?

Professional Staff Development exists to assist and prepare employees for positions of greater responsibility within the Maricopa County Community College District. It is important that skills be constantly refined in order to analyze, evaluate, reason, and make sound decisions. It is also important that employees have the opportunity to enhance achievement of long-range goals.

PSD Goals The goal of the Professional Staff Development Committee is to provide an incentive that will encourage the employee to maximize his/her scope of knowledge.  Tuition assistance may be given to eligible employees taking upper-division courses at accredited colleges or universities.  Employees may also have costs reimbursed for attending job-related or career-oriented seminars, workshops, or other activities as approved by the supervisor and the PSD committee following the determined guidelines.

The employee must be a regular full-time or part-time Professional Staff Governing Board approved employee for a minimum of one full year prior to the starting date of the course or activity.
1. Tuition Assistance
• The employee must have an Associate of Arts Degree or equivalent hours.
• The course must be:
• Career oriented, or required as part of a degree program,
• Must be offered by a regionally accredited institution that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), or
• If the course is not from a regionally accredited institution, then it must be from an institution that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or both (PLEASE NOTE: courses from such institutions may not be transferable to regionally accredited institutions and degrees granted from these institutions do not count toward MCCCD PSA educational advancement steps/stipends), and
• Must not be offered within the Maricopa County Community College District. Exception will be made to 200 level courses, if they are not offered within the Maricopa Community College District (MCCCD), or if they are nontransferable and required by the program to be taken at the respective College/University. Letter of explanation must be provided.

2. Activity Assistance
• The theme/topic of the activity (seminar/workshop/conference) must be job related, or prepare the employee for positions of greater responsibility within MCCCD. The activity must not be offered in a similar format and/or level seminar, workshop, or mini-course within MCCCD. Exceptions to this must include supporting justification for appeal, in writing.
• Travel considerations will follow the established District Travel Policies.
• Professional Staff Development funds can be used on domestic travel for eligible activities only. Funds may not be used for travel expenses associated with college courses or certification exams.

For more information refer to Staff Policy Manual 2013 (search on PSD).

Email the PSD Committee at dl-psa-psd@memo.maricopa.edu Click on the link to send an email message!

Applications and Guidelines

Please note NEW application DEADLINE:

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm of the last day of the month (regardless of weekend or holiday) in order to be reviewed in the following month. Example: Application submitted between October 1 and October 31 by 11:59pm will be reviewed in November.

Please read the new Guidelines for the Tuition & Activity (conference, workshop, training, seminar) before applying for funds.

Tuition Application Information and ProceduresMicrosoft Word DOC File Format

Professional Growth Book Application and Procedures NEW!

Activity Application Information and Procedures Microsoft Word DOC File Format

*Click here to access on-line application forms

Login information:
Use Internet Explorer Browser only
User name: MCCCD-ORG\MEID (use your MEID, not the word MEID)
Password: your e-mail/HRMS password

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    Activity Travel Resources:
  • Meals and Lodging Calculator excel icon
  • Per Diem Rates acrobat icon
  • Out-of-Country / Alaska, Hawaii Lodging and Meal Index:
    Select the COUNTRY/STATE from the drop down menu.
    Select the Exclude radio button next to the Military Installations
    Click Calculate
    Locate the travel destination and associated rates.
    Note: the Meals Per Diem rate is the Local Meals (LM) amount.  
    The breakdown for partial day Meal can be done using the following percentages:
    Breakfast 20%, Lunch 25%, Dinner 55%
    Example: ISLE OF HAWAII: OTHER LM=$103
    Breakfast             20%       $20.60
    Lunch                  25%        $25.75
    Dinner                 55%        $56.65

MCCCD Accounts Payable Travel Reference

  • PSD Committee Members
  • Location Name Phone

    Max P. Yeamans

    (480) 732-7006


    Carmen Gonzales

    (480) 731-8574

    Marsha Carlen
    (623) 935-8479

    Brenda Nelson

    (623) 845-3150
    Cindy Cooper (Co-chair)
    (602) 286-8226

    Delia Vital

    (480) 461-7932

    Mary Davison (Co-chair)
    (602) 223-4213

    Ryan Martin

    (602) 787-7242
    Carmen Lira
    (480) 377-4207

    Martha Leesley

    (480) 423-6273
    Bill Church
    (602) 305-5811
    Angelica Mihailova (PG Coordinator)
    (480) 731-8308