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What is PSI?

Professional Staff Internship is offered for employees who are interested in professional development or technical training that will be helpful in preparing them for administrative, management, and support opportunities with MCCCD. An employee must have been a regular, full-time employee for three years. The applicant identifies areas of interest and designs his/her own work plan under a mentor. An internship may vary in length but not more than 12 months. An employee on an Internship is paid at 100% of salary and assigned to his/her previous position, a position of equal grade and step or to a position agreed to prior to the internship upon completion of the internship. An intern is not guaranteed a new position in the College/District by completion of the program but will be better prepared to compete for positions that become available. A former intern may apply three years after completing a prior internship.

PSA Policy Manual (See APPENDIX C pages 48-49 for PSI policy)



Application Deadlines:

PSI Application for 12 month internship must be submitted by Second Friday in April by 5:00pm of the current fiscal year for the internship in the following fiscal year. The PSI Committee will review all applications and determine each applicant’s eligibility. However, the final approval will depend on funding availability.



Microsoft Word DOC File Format Information & Guidelines

Microsoft Word DOC File Format Application

Excel icon Scoring Sheet ( this is an examle of scorring rubrics according to which the appliation will be evaluated)

Microsoft Word DOC File Format Leave authorization agreement (this is a sample of agreement that will need to be signed after the internship is approved)



Microsoft Word DOC File Format Initial Progress Report

Microsoft Word DOC File Format Intermediate Progress Report

Microsoft Word DOC File Format Final Progress Report


For any technical questions regarding downloading and filling these forms, please contact your college PSI representatives listed below.


PSI Committee Members

Email the PSI Committee at dl-psa-psi@memo.maricopa.edu Click on the link to send an email message!

Julie Wright (Chairperson)
(480) 988-8123
Angela Ford
(480) 731-8935
Lisa Widowski
(623) 935-8814
Joe Mercer
(623) 845-3966
Enrique Silva
(602) 286-8189
Pam Cyr
(480) 461-7656
Ted Bland
(602) 285-7792
Julie Hamel
Serena Lindsay
(480) 517-8142

Joanne Battershall

(480) 425-6720
Jean Slack 
(602) 243-8086