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3.4 Taping of Faculty Lectures

MCCCD acknowledges that faculty members are, by law, afforded copyright protection in their classroom lectures and, therefore, may limit the circumstances under which students may tape (audio/visual) their classes.

Each faculty member shall inform his/her students within the first week of classes to his/her policy with regard to taping. Failure to do so will accord students the right to tape lectures.

Students with disabilities that render them unable to take adequate lecture notes are entitled to reasonable accommodation to remedy this inability. Accommodation may require a faculty member to exempt a student from his/her taping policy.

ADOPTED into Governance, September 24, 1996
AMENDED Motion No. 8894
AMENDED Motion No. 8895
AMENDED Motion No. 8896

Founding Source:
Governing Board Minutes, March 26, 1991, Motion No. 7530

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