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2.9 Veterans Services

The Maricopa Community Colleges' veterans' services offices act as liaisons with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Each program must be approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Students may be eligible to receive educational benefits if they are registered in courses that apply to the student's approved programs. Application forms, counseling, advisement and tutoring are available for students who are eligible for veteran's educational benefits. Students applying for veteran's educational benefits should allow eight to ten weeks before receiving benefits. The amount of benefits awarded is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and is based on the number of credit hours or clock hours for which a student is enrolled and the length of the enrollment period for each course.

Veteran's benefits available:

It is the student's responsibility to notify the office that serves veterans at their campus regarding any change in enrollment, address, program of study, enrollment at another institution, or any other change that may impact their veteran's educational benefits.

Those students receiving benefits must follow the VA academic progress policy to continue to receive benefits.

Academic Progress Policy for Students Receiving Veteran's Educational Benefits

Credit Hours for Which Grade Points are Computed at ResidentMaricopa Community College (A, B, C, D, F, and Y)
Minimum Grade Point Average Required
46 +

Department of Veterans Affairs regulations require that all persons using any type of veteran educational assistance program be making satisfactory academic progress toward achievement of their educational objective (program of study). A student who does not meet the minimum standards (see above) will be placed on probation for a maximum of two (2) consecutive semesters. At this point, if satisfactory academic progress has not been demonstrated, veteran educational benefits will be terminated. Benefits may be resumed when the student raises the cumulative grade point average to the required minimum standards or demonstrates the ability to meet these standards through the approval of a written appeal. For appeal procedures, contact the office that serves veterans at your campus.

For additional details and information regarding veteran's educational benefits, contact the office that serves veterans at your campus.


AMENDED through the Administrative Regulation Process, March 13, 2012

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