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boardpol Policies and Admin Regs Under Review
The Board Policy and Admin Reg review processes are detailed here. You can also see any that are currently under review and provide feedback.
boardpol Recently Updated
Policies and administrative regulations that have had major revisions within the last fiscal year are listed here.
boardpol Glossary of Terms
This page allows you to browse definitions of terms from the "definitions" sections of Administrative Regulations.
boardpol Policy Hierarchy
Learn how each section of the administrative regulation hierarchy affects MCCCD policy.
water Administrative Regulation Approval Process
See how administrative regulations are created and vetted.
scales Chancellor/Staff Relations
Information on the role of the Chancellor in the organization.
10 Top 10
The top 10 administrative regulations which the OPS gets the most questions about.
boardpol Other Resources
Additional items which fall under the broad category of Maricopa Governance including the Blue Book, Catalog Common Pages, Tuition Waviers, Legislative Compliance, and Monitoring Reports.
boardpol Send Feedback
Let the MCCCD know what you think. Send us feedback about this service or policies in general.