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MCCCD Records & Information Management (RIM)

Records and Information Management

As stewards of the public's resources, employees of MCCCD are responsible for providing proof of the work we do to satisfy legal and statutory regulations. The process of creating, assessing value, maintaining and disposing of documents and data is what record and information management is all about.

Who is responsible for managing records and information for the MCCCD? The simple answer is ... everyone. Faculty, staff and administrators (whether full-time, part-time, OSO, OYO, temporary or adjunct) are responsible for the documents and data they create in the course of daily operations. All Maricopans are responsible for knowing about records and information management and public records release. The Office of Public Stewardship provides training and guidance on records and information management.

This website serves as a resource to help Maricopa Community College employees (faculty, staff and administrators) to appropriately manage records and information. It will also provide guidance on storage, archiving, disposition, and reporting to state agencies. As a political subdivision of the State of Arizona, many of the records of the Maricopa Community Colleges are considered public records (with some restrictions) and subject to review by any member of the communties we serve. To this end, records and information need to be organized and easily retrieved if a member of the public were to request to review them.

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