Maricopa Community Colleges

MCCCD Records & Information Management (RIM)

Records Retention and Disposition Schedules

for Arizona Community Colleges and Districts

For District Office Custodians

If you plan to send your older records to Wood Street until their lifecycle is complete, please be sure to use the Archive Label Form located at

For All MCCCD Custodians

Following are the standardized retention and disposition schedules approved by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records for Arizona Community Colleges and Districts. Although they have been categorized by functional group your records may cross functional areas. Be sure to check each category that might apply to the work you do. If you find that your records are not listed below, be sure to contact the Office of Public Stewardship so we can work with you to create a customized schedule and have it approved by the Arizona State Library.

Remember, you are only responsible for the records for which you or your department/division/area are custodian of. If someone else is considered the custodian of record for materials you have in your office and you are keeping copies for convenience then you are taking on the added responsibility for maintaining and disposing of those copies as the custodian would.

Historical Records

We have compiled a list of all records which must be maintained permanently for historical purposes. These are the only records which have been approved by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records to be maintained forever. All other records have a definite date for dispersal/deletion, see below. If possible, these records may be scanned (into microfiche/microfilm) with an approved Imaging Request, signed by Teresa Toney (OPS) and the Arizona State Library. Questions can be directed to the Office of Public Stewardship, (480) 731-8882.

Standardized Schedules**

Pursuant to ARS §41-151.12, the retention periods listed herein are the minimum amount of time records may be kept. Keeping records for a time period shorter than their approved retention period is illegal. Records required for ongoing or foreseeable official proceedings such as audits, lawsuits or investigations must be retained until released from such official proceedings, notwithstanding the instructions of this schedule. If it is believed that special circumstances warrant that records should be kept for a shorter time than the time period listed in this schedule or that any of these records may be appropriate for transfer to the State Archives, please contact the Records Management Division to inquire about a change to the retention period. Only the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records has the authority to set records retention periods.

Public records, including electronic records, not listed in a schedule are not authorized to be destroyed.

Printed Retention Schedules

Customized Schedules in Process

These functional areas have identified a need for a customized schedule.

Outstanding Issue:
Which records would be considered student records (protected by FERPA and not subject to disclosure) vs. operational records, which may already be defined in another schedule?


  • Academic and Student Affairs
    • Academic Affairs
    • Adjunct Faculty Files
    • Advising/Counseling
    • Aviation
    • Career Services
    • Computer Lab
    • Disability Services
    • Fitness Center
    • Honors
    • Instructional Support
    • National Center for Teacher Education
    • Small Business Development Center
    • Veterans Services
  • Development/Fundraising

Revised Schedule In Process, Pending Review

  • Capitol Development Planning
  • Curriculum
  • Facilities/Grounds Management
  • Legal
  • Purchasing Procurement
  • Risk Management