Maricopa Community Colleges

Residency and Citizenship Information

Verification of Citizenship or Legal Status

Arizona law requires that students who are seeking consideration for in-state tuition status or aid that is funded in part or in whole by state money to provide verification of citizenship, permanent residency or other lawful immigration status.

Acceptable Documents

The following is a list of acceptable documents for proving a student’s citizenship or legal status for purposes of determining eligibility for in-state tuition.

Documents may be faxed, mailed, emailed or submitted in person to the Admissions and Records Office/Office of Student Enrollment Services at each college of attendance.

Final residency decisions for tuition purposes will be made in accordance with ARS §§15-1801, 15-1802, 15-1802.01, 15-1803 and regulations of the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board (AR 2.2).

United States or Naturalized Citizenship

Permanent Resident Alien

Refugee or Asylee

Non-Immigrant Alien

*The college may require documentation that is in addition to a valid Arizona Driver License/Identification Card to prove citizenship or lawful presence in the United States.

Note: Although some documents may instruct the holder not to photocopy them.  The USCIS has advised the Department of Education that these documents and others may be photocopied if done for lawful purposes such as documenting citizenship for the purpose of determining eligibility.