Careers and job opportunities

Maricopa Community Colleges has an established reputation as a great place to work. A vigorous economic and social engine, nearly 10,000 jobs and careers are currently supported by the institution.

Full-time employment opportunities boast a generous benefits package, including:
  • Paid vacation
  • holiday, sick, and personal leave
  • insurance coverage options
  • membership in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)
Employees also have access to services and programs that enhance the work experience, augment job satisfaction, and foster career advancement, such as professional development, wellness programs, and employee discounts.

Additionally, Maricopa Community Colleges employs students in student positions and jobs, which helps students gain work experience while studying. Not only do our employment opportunities contribute substantially to the local economy, but the colleges themselves are key drivers of the economy as purchasers of goods and services in the marketplace. Through workforce development initiatives for our students, Maricopa is now the largest single provider of job training in the county.

Maricopa Community Colleges careers foster a hard-working, diverse, and friendly team with a great cause: providing education to our students and the community.