Reach for the stars

Your education starts now. No matter where it takes you, Maricopa Community Colleges is here to guide you on the path. We have worked with other educational institutions and local employers in the most desirable fields to carefully design our courses to propel you to the next step - whether that's further education, an in-demand job, or both.


Regionally accredited colleges across Maricopa County.


Credit programs in 95% of the highest-demand occupations in the Greater Phoenix area.


Different areas of study, degrees, and certificates so you can choose the right fit for you.


University transfer

Planning on completing a university degree? Start your academic career at Maricopa Community Colleges and take advantage of our university transfer partnerships.


Trades and professions

Prepare to enter the workforce in an occupation of your choice. Maricopa Community Colleges offers degrees and certificates to meet your needs.


Areas of study, degrees, and certificates

Our academic, trade, and professional offerings are designed to get you ready to transfer to a degree program or the career of your dreams.


Take a class

If there’s something you’d like to learn more about, or there’s a gap in your academic journey, our classes are open to you – even if you don’t want a degree.

Course catalogs

Find information about our educational offerings, descriptions of what you’ll learn in classes, registration information, and additional essentials.


Our libraries support your academic success. Enjoy quiet study spaces and find what you need to write that next paper.

Study abroad

Gain new perspectives and earn credits while immersing yourself in cultures opposite your own with languages, landscapes, and historical sites.

Prior learning

You might have more college credits than you realize – volunteer work, community service, work experience, and other endeavors often count.


The placement test you’ll take before starting at Maricopa Community Colleges will help you and your academic advisor pick the best classes for you.

Honors program

Get the most out of your education by joining one of Maricopa Community Colleges' honors programs.

Professional licensing

Advance your career or prepare for a new one with a professional certification, academic certification, or endorsement program.

Photo of students working at computers

Learning opportunities

Learning doesn’t always have to happen in a classroom or behind a computer. Maricopa Community Colleges offers hands-on learning opportunities at each campus.

Photo of Maricopa students with a smiling student in the foreground

High school opportunities

It’s not too soon to begin thinking about college. If you’re still in high school, start exploring ways to earn college credits early.