Get credit for what you’ve already learned

Maricopa Community Colleges has several options available for students to apply their prior education before embarking on academic journey at our colleges. In some cases, students have college level credits from high school, advanced placement exam scores, or other education that can be used to find the right courses to start with. Your advisor will work with you to ensure you are placed in the courses that best suit your needs.
A veteran student at one of the colleges

Credit by evaluation

By submitting for credit by evaluation veterans can use their training programs and other experience toward a degree or certificate.

Students take a college-level equivalency exam

Credit by exam (College-level Equivalency Exam)

Earn college credits through Advanced Placement (AP), College-level Examination Program (CLEP), ACT-PEP, or other qualified programs.

Students study for placement exams

Placement tests

Placement tests help you begin your education at Maricopa County Community Colleges with classes that are right for you.

A student provides proof of prior education to an advisor

Proof of prior education

You must have your prior education verified to receive federal financial aid from a Maricopa Community College.

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