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Your studies at Maricopa Community Colleges are the beginning of an outstanding academic career. Nearly two-thirds of our students transfer their credits to a four-year institution, and we're here to help you through the process.

Your questions answered

Q. Can community college credits transfer to a four-year institution?
A. Yes. Maricopa Community Colleges are fully accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. However, you should verify your college credit transfer with the four-year institution you plan to attend.

Q. Do some four-year institutions facilitate a college credit transfer from Maricopa Community Colleges?
A. Yes. Maricopa Community Colleges has developed transfer partnerships with Arizona’s three major in-state universities, as well as more than 40 public and private institutions in the United States and abroad.

Q. Are there resources to help me get started with my college credit transfer?
A. Yes. It’s important to meet with an advisor from your Maricopa Community College, as well as an advisor from the institution you plan to attend. They can help you with the transfer process, as well as selecting courses that apply to your area of study.

Q. Are there any deadlines if I’m trying to transfer credits from community college?
A. Yes. Both Maricopa Community Colleges and your chosen four-year institution will have deadlines related to college credit transfer.

Q. Are there fees when I transfer credits from community college?
A. Yes. There is a small fee to get official transcripts from Maricopa Community Colleges. You should also check to see if your four-year institution charges additional fees.

A. Do grades matter when I’m transferring college credits?
Q. Yes. Most four-year institutions require a grades of at least C- or higher to transfer credits from a community college. Be sure to check with the institution you plan to attend for their specific requirements.

Q. Is there a limit for transferring community college credits to a four-year institution?
A. Yes. While it varies, four-year institutions typically impose a limit on transfer credits from community college. For example, the limit for Arizona State University is between 64 and 75 credit hours, while Northern Arizona University allows up to 90 credit hours. Check your institution of choice for their credit limit.

Q. Can transferred credits count as prerequisites or required courses for a major?
A. Yes. Depending on your major, transferring college credits from Maricopa Community Colleges is a great way to meet requirements of a four-year degree. It’s important to discuss your goals with an advisor from Maricopa Community Colleges and the four-year institution you plan to attend.

Q. Do I need to complete my associate degree before transferring college credits?
A. No. Completing your associate degree isn’t required, but it is a good idea. It’s typically less expensive to transfer credits from community college. An associate degree might also help you get a higher-paying job, if you plan on working while you attend a four-year institution.

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