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Classes for degree-seeking students

Many students are attending classes at a Maricopa Community Colleges campus with the objective of securing an associate degree. Often that degree is the first step toward a long-term goal of transferring to a university for a bachelor’s degree.

To maximize time spent at Maricopa Community Colleges, degree-seeking students want to ensure they are taking the correct – in other words, required – classes at the right time to reach the ultimate goal.

Participants listen to a presenter at a workshop

Non-credit courses and workshops

There are many ways to maintain or improve your college experience with Maricopa Community Colleges, such as workshops from financial aid literacy to arts classes.

Some campuses offer non-credit courses or host leisure learning activities. These could include access to fitness centers, or the chance to participate in a yoga or fitness class, or learn a new language. Perhaps you could pick up a new interest, hobby, or skill.

Classes are often about to start – most are eight weeks or less, and always close to home, at one of our many locations.