Arizona welcomes you

Maricopa Community Colleges is one of the largest college systems offering two-year degree programs in the United States. We have campus locations across the Phoenix metro area and online classes. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, and excellent student services and support. Our benefits include smaller class sizes, friendly staff, and award-winning professors.
View of the city of Phoenix and surrounding area from South Mountain park at sunset

International students in the Southwest

Our country’s diversity is what makes the United States great. We achieve diversity with people like you – our international students. Picture yourself in the beautiful Southwest, enjoying 300 days of sunshine per year, achieving educational success at Maricopa Community Colleges. The Phoenix metro area ­– also known as the Valley of the Sun ­– is the fifth largest city in the nation. There is a plethora for local and state-wide exploration and recreation, including one of the natural world wonders – the Grand Canyon.

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Academic degrees

Our academic degrees prepare you to continue your studies at a four-year university in Arizona, or elsewhere in the United States. If you wish to look for work in your field sooner, our occupational programs can prepare you for your chosen career. For students who wish to study remotely or online, Maricopa Community Colleges offers distance learning and all-online programs.

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English language learning programs

Maricopa Community College’s international education program provides access to top-notch English language learning programs, such as Intensive English and English as a Second Language (ESL). Learn the oral and written communication skills necessary to enhance your professional, social, and personal interactions while learning in the United States. 

To become an international student, view the admissions criteria, including F-1 immigration/visa requirements. Explore our areas of study and plan to provide any required placement tests scores.

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