Show your civic pride and make an impact

The Chancellor’s Civic Leadership Medallion is an annual award given to student leaders who have an unwavering commitment to civic engagement and demonstrate effective civic participation and leadership.

If you are a current part-time or full-time student, are working toward positive change on your campus or in your community by encouraging dialogue among people of any age, socioeconomic status, political ideology, and world view, consider applying to the Medallion program. Whether you are graduating from your college for a job or transferring to a university degree program, the Chancellor’s Civic Leadership Medallion is a distinct honor that will distinguish your résumé.

To be considered for the award and receive the medallion, a student must apply, meet certain academic criteria, and document and accumulate points, as defined by the program, for qualifying civic leadership activities, such as attending a public meeting, participating in a public forum on a political issue, or holding a voter registration drive.

This is a great opportunity to be recognized for being an active, engaged student and community member! Consider applying today and set new expectations for what our students can accomplish!